Echoes of Activity

concrete truck
At dawn, the first of nine

Today was a busy day. It had started already by the time I woke up. There is another new build starting in our little cul-de-sac. The foundations have been prepared during the last week. Today was concrete day. I counted NINE cement trucks in all between 7.30 am and 1pm. As one was being hooked up, another was trundling in around the corner.

Well may you ask if I had nothing better to do. I did. I sent a running commentary of text messages to my son in Melbourne every time a new truck turned up. By the 9th one he finally responded, telling me I needed a new hobby!

concrete truck
Now they are queuing up.

This house is the second new build. The first was finished just a few weeks ago, having taken an inordinate amount of time to be completed. Next door to it, is the next one. The block was subdivided by the owners and one section sold. It’s so small there will be no room for a yard – just all house. Crammed in like sardines. Across the road from it is a big block of now vacant land, the two original houses having been demolished some months ago. They too have been subdivided – four houses in the space of two. This style of building is now very common. Halve the land and build on both. Our streetscape is radically changing.

The miracle machine

Seriously though, we did have our own hive of activity  too. TRH (The Retired Husband) attended to some little odd jobs that had been hanging around waiting for attention. And more exciting than that, he gurneyed several floor mats. too big to fit in our washing maching, they had been waiting for a clean. As today was yet another sunny, albeit cool day, he took them out to the driveway and had at them with the high pressure water cleaner. Boy! They look like new. I’d forgotten what their original colours had been.

mat cleaning
These hand loomed mats are squeaky clean again
Carpet cleaning
Uncovering the original pale salmon pink

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

If you want to be sad live in the past. If you want to be anxious live in the future. If You want to be peaceful live in the Now.



8 thoughts on “Echoes of Activity

  1. I love that hand loomed rug! You’ll be glad of the bright colour when all of the green space outside your window has been covered with houses… maybe you can persuade your new neighbours to hand rugs like that on their exterior walls.

    1. Those hand loomed rugs were made by my mother-in-law on her home loom from all of our old clothes that she laboriously cut into strips. They are starting to get a bit tattered. As the ends become too bad, I cut off the tatty bits (trip hazards) and re-tie them. They are at least 40 years old now. They grace the corridor leading into our bedroom and bathroom/sauna.
      I hate the current trend of squashing houses in so tight there’s no room even for gardens! It’s not as if we are short of room here in Australia. It’s greed driven. Councils love it too as they get double the rates for what was originally a single block. That’s why they approve all the builds. But this current one in our street is so narrow they can barely squash a house in. It will be long and narrow.

      1. I thought that was going to happen in our town, but the planners seen to realise that people need green spaces, so while our town is expanding outwards at an alarming rate, the new houses all have gardens, and there are communal areas, with grass, shrubberies and trees.

      2. That is done here too in the new suburbs although the blocks are small. But the old areas are getting squeezed and squashed. We do have a small public park just down the road. They have even put in a BBQ and some playground equipment now. So it’s not all a concrete jungle….

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