How much is enough?

scales, apple, tape measureOver the years we have been innundated with oodles of different ways of measuring our food portions. The aim of all this has been to help us in making healthy choices about portion control.

Having dieted on and off most of my adult life I can recall many different methods. Let’s see:

There was the weigh every scrap of food you eat.

There was the ‘use a small plate’ to make it look like there’s more than there really is.

There was the food pyramid and the updated food pyramid.

There were probably others as well that I can’t recall.

Now current best practice is using your hand to measure portion sizes.

hand food portioning

Then there’s been the raging debate ab0ut fats, salt and sugar. Low fat products are often loaded with sugar and salt to make up for the taste. That’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul to create a false sense of control. It’s the same diet sugars. The artificial ones are toxic and actually make you crave more sweets.

And not enough of the right kind of fats means your body may not have enough fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E, K) essential to health and wellbeing. Salt is equally as important and essential to our health and wellbeing. I recall a story many years ago of someone who reduced their salt intake so much they had a cardiac arrest. Fortunately a person who knew  how to resuscitate was close by and able to intervene until the ambulance arrived.

So what do we learn from all this? Read food labels. Make informed decisions based on reliable information. Use common sense and moderation ensuring a balance of nutrients and intake/output with which to fuel your body.

And do you know what? If I have learned nothing else over a life time of yo-yo dieting, it’s that too strong a focus on dieting and all that it means only makes me crave more of the things I should avoid or only have as an occasional treat.

© Raili Tanska

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10 thoughts on “How much is enough?

  1. I follow the rule of if I cannot pronounce it, I am not putting it in my yap.
    Also, moderation really is key to everything.
    I have eliminated wheat in the past year and thinking about sugar in the net few months, as I don’t really eat a lot of sugar anyway, so should be easier than the wheat was.

  2. Let’s get this right – the correct sized portion of chocolate fudge cake just about fits on an open hand, and we should only eat a thumb-tip of celery at each serving (I don’t like celery)… got it… except we all have different sized hands.

    1. Spot on – the larger your chocolate hands the better 🙂 Here’s a tip – you can make your hand larger by stretching it out. Stretching exercises, as your know, are very good for you too 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. You got it in one! Purist scientific researchers would refute the rigour and validity of this method as a reasonable means of portion control. However, action research and lived experience are equally valid methodologies in what has become a burgeoning field of research 🙂

      2. that’s ecsackly wot i wus gunna say, ‘cept i’ wouldn’a sed it so good as wot you did. ‘ands is a ackurut way uv measurin’ ‘ealthy food if you wants to burgeon proper.
        Bleedin’ siuntists and there daft test toobs 🙂

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