Echoes of Climate Change

Here in Adelaide we are into the first week of winter. We are experiencing the COLDEST beginning of winter since 1943. What happened to global warming and climate change? This video of snow in the Adelaide Hills last winter could be a forebringer of more snow to come this year.

I am sitting in my office wearing my dressing gown over my day clothes, hoodie over my head and sheepskin slippers on my feet.  We changed the doona this morning to a thick feather winter weight one we have not used for over five years. Because it’s COLD at night –  the mercury plummeting to a frosty 2.9C in Adelaide. Elsewhere in the state it was even colder, with Yunta -4.7C, Renmark -3.2C and Loxton, Snowtown and Murray Bridge -1.9C.  The days have been beautiful and sunny with clear skies.

Some crazy people across the nation even go swimming in the ocean at the crack of dawn every morning even through winter! It appears this bizarre activity has been happening here on the beaches of Glenelg since the 1930’s. And I thought, akin to the  Finnish custom , a quick dip in a hole in the ice followed by a mad dash to the sauna was crazy.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers. Kahlil Gibran





20 thoughts on “Echoes of Climate Change

  1. Global warming will disrupt the air currents creating a range of weather changes. We can expect a lot more weirdness and extremes I fear.

  2. Yes, we have had floods, milder winters and freak storms.. So the fact that President Trump has pulled out of the Paris agreement is a great worry.. Our World is changing..

    Sending Love and hope all is well with you Rali.. sending love xx

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