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Yep, that’s me. An IT neanderthal. This week has been challenging. Heck, what’s new ?  It’s a given that something will go wrong sooner rather than later.

Monday night, in the middle of my blogging session, trying to catch up on reading posts, replying to comments, following up on new followers, my internet access froze. Out of the blue, in the middle of writing a sentence.

I tried every trick in my admittedly short list of tricks to bring it back to life. Without success. It was dead as a dodo, not even a gasp to give me a glimmer of hope.

Himself – TRH (The Retired Husband) – had no other tricks up his sleeve either. His computer was humming along beautifully. Our computers use the same internet connection and WiFi so why did his not die as well? Why only me????

So I fired off a text to our friendly IT guru. He very obligingly arrived early Tuesday morning to see what the matter was. I had already checked in the morning, hoping that a good night’s sleep would have restored both of us. Alas that was not to be. Still dead.

It seems that my machine had decided to connect to a public WiFi called Fons (not related to Henry Winkler unfortunately). And disconnect from our private service. Why? Only it can tell. But the guess is that for some reason the signal was stronger for a moment and my machine jumped ship as it were. Traitor!

The upshot of all that was that the IT guru had to work his magic, disconnect, reconnect, clean up, reboot and whatever else he did. And of course it’s working fine again. For now.

vintage phone

The next thing that went haywire was my phone camera. I use it all the time to take photos for my blog. All of a sudden it – the phone – told me the camera could not be found. Huh?  It’s. In. The. Phone! How can it not be found?

TRH had no idea. In hindsight I recalled getting a message from my phone (how freaky is that!) telling me that it was running out of storage space. So I cleaned out a lot of text messages I didn’t need to hang on to. That made no difference.

I trolled through Settings. Nothing was of any help in there. Then I noticed that my phone had a Photo Gallery! Gee, who would have known. Ok, I know how that sounds. I should be embarrassed at this point. I always delete the photos in my camera, keeping only a small handful. I didn’t know there was a whole other storage facility. Duh! In my day phones were used to make and receive phone calls. Now, they’re mini computers. Probably more powerful than the one that took the first man to the moon.

What I found in the Photo Gallery was a revelation. OMG – ALL my photos were in there. The good, the bad, the ugly. Thousands of them. I eventually worked out a faster way of deleting a large portion of them than one by one. Having done that I checked the camera again. Nope! Still AWOL.

In disgust I threw the camera onto the armchair. TRH picked it up. Played around with it. Handed it back in working order.

OK, I asked, what did you do ?

I turned it off. It had to be rebooted in order for it to know there was storage space available.

Oh. Thanks.

A learning curve.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

One day, I would like to turn on the News and hear, There’s Peace on Earth – Power of Positivity


42 thoughts on “Technology Nerd

    1. Hey, a fellow phone challenged person! I had the very same issue! I kept missing calls and having to phone back profusely apologising 🙂 Google is my friend too. I go calling so often I’m surprised it still answers me.

  1. I love TRH’s solutions. You would have come to that conclusion yourself eventually, but your phone had stymied you for the moment. It sounds just the same in our neck of the woods MG (mostly grumpy), continually talks to his computer asking why it did that, whilst I mumble under my breath “because you asked it to”. It also beeps a lot. Oh well we seem to cope, somehow.

    1. Thanks for your comments Barbara! Beeps, huh ? Mine has yet to learn that. Although our car, which is basically computer run, often yells at me. I find it most annoying and disrespectful 😦

  2. If in doubt, turn it off and on again, lol. I work in IT and it never fails to amaze me how this can resolve so many issues.

    1. Thank you Raoul. It is very kind of you to nominate my blog for this award. I appreciate it. I have left a comment and acceptance link on your post about the award.

  3. Lol. Your post so reminded me of Chris, my husband. He can even mess up the tv remote 😕. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “Honey Bunny (what he calls me ), the “whatever” just stopped working lol. I’m his, and a few other people’s tech support. They have been “SOL” quite a bit lately 😳. But rebooting does perform miracles a lot of the time!

  4. Acting as the IT user help desk in our family I empathise with TRH. And although I don’t broadcast it too loudly its amazing what switching it off and on again can achieve. I once spoke to the help desk at work who told me (but please don’t tell anyone else!!!) that 80% of their calls involved off and an on again advice.

    Sometimes throwing the device at the wall also seems to work

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