May Peace Prevail

The aftermath of the horror  in Manchester has prompted me to  reblog this post I wrote after both the Paris and Orlando bombings. It is still relevant. Just the location and victims have changed. When will it all stop ?


Now more than ever, it is so important to focus our energies and thoughts on peace.  The tragedy unfolding in Manchester has become the focus of attention for many of us across the world. Social media brings it vividly into our homes. Real horror. It is not some trumped up voyeuristic reality show designed to tease and titillate. It is intolerably sad. There is a huge outpouring of emotions – outrage, anger, hurt, grief, fear.  The world is watching and following.

Let us galvanise the outpouring of emotions into positive action. Not revenge. Not retribution. Not more of the same horror inflicted on others in the belief that the vicious cycle of an ‘eye for an eye’ is somehow justified as a responsible and good thing to do.  That it is the deserved consequence for acts of evil. Of course there should be consequences. Just not more of the same.

The intention for this post is that it will, in its own small way, contribute towards a momentum for change. That the world will transform. That we will all live in peace and harmony. That we will respect, celebrate and honour differences.  Always.


Prayer for Peace

In the midst of darkness, let there be Light

May grief burdened hearts be soothed

May those who have suffered  tragedy and loss

be protected, comforted and enfolded

in the everlasting arms of Unconditional Love.

May the guiding principles for prevailing justice

be Heart-centred  and one that

honours, supports and respects

the universal values of peace, freedom, dignity,

responsibility and co-operation.

May all nations, all cultures, all races, all religions

join hands

 and transform the world

into one that is founded on

Love, Peace and Harmony.

So be it. Thank you God.


If you want more information about this topic check out these two sites:

Peace Seeds

The Science of Peace and The Power of Prayer

© Raili Tanska

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