Echoes of kRITTURs


I’ve been busying crocheting soft toys – still. Some of you may remember a previous post . I was looking for names for three of my creations. In due course fitting names appeared.  Introductions will be made at the end of this post.

Our lounge is beginning to look like a toy shop. On the right is Caterpillar Cath complete with mohawk and button feet. She’s a happy little creepy crawlie.

The creative itch has blossomed into an urge to start selling them. To that end I have been mulling over options of how best to do that.  But before that, I needed a brand name for the little beasties. That’s where kRITTURs comes in. In fact, Soul Gifts kRITTURs to be precise.

Katie Koala and Kidlet

Meet Katie Koala and her baby, Kidlet. This cute little pair comes complete with their own brand perfume. Eucalyptus of course.

She-baa Sheep

And here we have the  buxom She-baa Sheep.  She is a True Blue Merino.

Soul Gifts kRITTURs is a work in progress. The family of toys  excitedly waiting for homes is growing. Each will come armed with their story and care instructions. But really, all they need is love and cuddles.

Here are the original kRITTURs :

Face view of kanga and joey
Kanga and Joey have found a home
Tom Boy and Edna Echidna
Tom Boy and Edna Echidna
Little Fart
Little Fart has found a home


Shorn the Sheep
Shorn the Sheep has found a home







© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

All works of love are works of peace – Pyzam





19 thoughts on “Echoes of kRITTURs

      1. OK – I have finally worked out what a DE is, lol! Slow to burn sometimes. She’s a little short for that, being only about 30cm. Maybe a faierie door 🙂

  1. she’s a maniac, maniac, on the run … and she’s dancing til she’s …. (can’t remember the rest but this favorite song in Flashdance came to mind – coming from me a compliment because it means you are so talented you do things others cannot in the speed of light) INCREDIBLE LADY!

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