The Birthday Getaway – Pt 2

Aldgate valley 7

Continuing our stroll around this little slice of heaven top left is a view of the bridge over untroubled waters, leading to the cosy cottage. If so inclined one could stroll over to the fire pit across the way and roast some marshmallows or have a chat to Henny Penny and her fine feathered friends.

Aldgagte Valley 3

This massive fern was one of several ornamenting the external walls of the cottage. And rusting signs of ages past added a touch of nostalgia.

Aldgate Valley poster - inside 1

Meanwhile, inside, TRH the birthday boy, indulged in some local beverages. As did I. The bottle of Black Chook was my choice of a delicious deceptively light in taste but not in colour sparkling shiraz. It was almost black so I expected it to be a heavy drop. It was not. Beautiful with cheese.   On the way we had stopped to purchase food and drink for evening meals as we did not want to venture out at night in the cold and dark. Breakfast makings were supplied. Henny Penny eggs, two beautiful, freshly baked loaves of bread, pancetta, and all the accompanying spreads from vegemite to local honey. We certainly didn’t go hungry!

The nights, mornings and evenings had a distinct chill in the air. Not that you would notice inside with the fire stoked and burning. A last log thrown in at bed time kept it going all night. There were still red embers glowing in the morning.

Aldgate Valley birds

The local wild birds had an interesting passing parade and pecking order. Seed sprinkled in the feeders and the railings summonsed them to hover in the overhanging branches before you could blink and shut the door. The rosellas were always hanging around. The others came in ordered waves. Tiny little red beaked finches flitted in and out in flocks quick as a flash when the feeders had no bigger birds around. They were too quick for my phone camera to catch a decent photo of them. But even the ever hungry rosellas gave way to the warbling magpies. Biggest of all was the sulphur crested cockatoo. We only saw a few on the first day. And a stray wild duck graced us with her quacking presence. She was the only one that let me within a couple of metres of her. These photos are all taken through the bedroom window. Even the shadow of my movement or the flash of the camera was enough to rouse a flurry of feathers. However, they returned soon enough when no clear and present danger was detected.
Aldgate Valley 5

In line of vision from the windows was this minute, rustic garden shed. Still used, it housed all the gardening implements, fertilisers, sprays and what nots. Dotted around it on the outside were an assortment of old bottles, rusted cans, wagon wheels and other bits and bobs.  My camera was kept very busy.

I have one more post of photos to show you tomorrow. Bear with me. I promise you these ones are very different!

© Raili Tanska

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    1. We have some pretty awesome and unique ones here! And not just birds 🙂 If you do, and you are anywhere near Adelaide, sing out. It would be nice to meet face to face!

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