Saturday Smiles

ALdgate autumn trees
The autumn leaves add a splash of colour

The smiles today are just to say we have been away for a couple of nights. NO internet access. It was serenely peaceful. But it’s also nice to be back home.

Some of you may have noticed my absence. We were away for two nights at a Bed and Breakfast in the Adelaide Hills for TRH’s (The Retired Husband) birthday.  I do have some fabulous photos to share with you next week.  Just a couple of teasers here to whet your appetite.

Aldgate Valley B&B
Here it is, nestled amongst the trees in a little valley next to a creek.
We were entertained by the local birdlife. This is a magpie – South Australia’s bird emblem. Click on the link below to listen to some Aussie bird song.

Australian Magpies

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

To find peace immerse yourself in nature, breathe deeply.  Open your Heart Eyes and Ears to the sounds of serenity, peace and calm. RT

33 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles

  1. Love that town! There used to be a wonderful op shop there called “Tootsies” I used to love going to. I read years ago that whenever Molly Ringwald visited Australia she would go there as it was her favourite. I miss it.
    I am excited to see the pictures as I have always wanted to stay in that B and B. We have been going to that pizza bar there for years, their coffee is pretty good. It’s so lovely to sit out the back there along the creek.

  2. He is a noisy little bird lol.. 😉 So good that you had a break away from it all for your hubbies birthday.. And sometimes no internet is bliss..
    Looking forward to the picture reveals next week..
    Have a peaceful weekend both of you
    Sue ❤ 🙂

      1. Looking forward to them.. ( I am off on vacation soon myself, so if I am missing in action at the end of next week you know I will be like Arnie.. And I will be back.. ) ❤

  3. Blissfull planet…I notice you always stay in touch with it. You bring a positive sense of calm, laced with constant giggling undertones, to the blogosphere.
    I breathe more deeply when I read your posts xx

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