We need names!

I’ve had a toy making week this week.  Here they are.

chicken and echidna toystoy echidna - backside

The bird started out as a sparrow. Now it looks like a minion chicken!

This echidna has a tail. Usually they don’t but I rather fancied a curly one.

This handsome fellow is a rather unusual looking sheep.

He has a docked tail and a bare bum (stops him from getting flystruck).

I think they need names.

Any suggestions ?

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace 

I’d rather have Peace on Earth than pieces of earth – Maura, age 9


12 thoughts on “We need names!

  1. Well keep in mind whatever you pick the initials are important. Chauncey Chicken, Edna Echidna, and Samuel Sheep or Lawrence Lamb. Something like that. Makes bed linens easier to embroider if you only have to set your machine once! 😉

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  2. ARGHHHHH! You are so talented. But wait. I knew that 😉 Seriously though, how the heck do you do everything so well? I mean is there anything aside standing on ladders that you are not really good at? Fiction? Check. Poetry. Check. Being an awesome friend. Check. Being a great humor writer. Check. Being a great wife. Check. Being a great mom. Check. I could seriously go on and on and on. Even Kanga agrees with me so I know I’m right. YOU ARE SO GIFTED. (and I love toys).

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