The Rose – a meditation

A mid week meditation

Pick a rose or two if you can

Light a candle

Have some journalling tools close to hand

for this meditation leads you straight into

a period of reflection

Seat yourself comfortably in your quiet, sacred space.

Take some slow, deep breaths, centering and grounding yourself.

You find yourself in a cosy country cottage garden

In front of you is the cutest little thatch roofed cottage

Through the open windows you can see frilly lace curtains gently moving in the breeze

Surrounding you is a garden alive with a riot of colours

 Flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours in full bloom

An intoxicating fragrance is in the air

You breathe in deeply, enjoying the scents

that waft in the breeze

Bluebells, tulips, daffodils, crocus, lyriops, gladioli….

Everywhere you look you see more and more varieties

of exquisite blooms

Some lie so low they almost seem too shy to be noticed

Others reach proudly up to the sky with fingers

of coloured petals searching for the sun

Out of the corner of your eye you spy movement

In amazement you notice that in the middle fo the garden

is a faerie ring of violas

in which a group of faeries frolic

They notice you watching, laugh, wave and smile at you

The garden is full of life

Bees buzz busily collecting nectar from the cornucopia of flower throats

Dragon flies loop the loop

Lady birds lie sunning themselves on the leaves of rose bushes

while butterflies gently ballet along with the breeze

alighting here and there for a sup of nectar

 The happy sounds of native birds

join voices in harmony

creating their own symphony

And there ! a little bunny rabbit happily munches on  bunches

of herbs growing in the nooks and crannies of the rockery

You follow the rustic stone pathway around to the back of the cottage

Cross over the little curved bridge

that spans a pond full of golden fish and grassy reeds

A family of baby ducks with their watchful parents

are being taught the craft of diving for tasty morsels

You stop to watch, laughing with delight at their antics

Lazily you move over to the garden seat by the edge of the little pond

As you sit there your feet begin to grow roots

that ground you within the rich loam

connecting you ever closer to the earth

as they reach  deeper and deeper to the very core of Mother Earth

Your whole body begins to shape shift

Your legs merge and become the trunk of a rose bush

Your arms turn into branches

emanating from the centre of the bush that is your body

Your head and hair morph into roses that adorn the bush

You feel a deep connection to the earth

as your roots draw nutrients and moisture into your being

Your leaves reach for the sun

photosynthesis  provides the life giving green blood

that nourishes you so well

You are vibrant, strong, and healthy

You are full of the most exquisite fragrant blooms

Some are small tightly closed buds

Others are getting ready to burst open

And yet others are opening their petals

to show off the magnificence that is you in full bloom

Take time to get to know yourself

What kind of rose bush are  you ?

What  colour are your blooms ?

Smell the fragrance emanating from them.

Feel the sun as it warms and nurtures you

Feel the breeze as it softly rustles your leaves

You may wish to have a conversation with the bush of roses

that is you in all your glory

It is time to return to your familiar body on the physical

You feel yourself shape shift back to your familiar and comfortable physical body

Feel your legs, your arms, your torso, your head

Your feet as they connect with the grass beneath

The bench you are seated on

Become aware again of the scenes that surround you

in this beautiful garden that is full of life, love, laughter,

colours, sights and sounds to delight all of your senses

which are bursting with the joy of just being in this special place

Take time to thank yourself for the joy of this experience

Know that you bring all of this back with you in your heart

You may tap into it any time you choose

Or return to it if you wish.

You slowly meander back through the garden

Drinking in deeply of all the delightful scenes,

sounds, and smells that surround you

Breathe in deeply of the heavenly scent

Wave goodbye to the faeries who are still at play

One of them hands you a gift

You accept it with thanks

What is it ?

You know that it has special meaning just for you

And that you bring it back with you in your heart

Pause at the picket fence and wooden gate

have one last look and give thanks for all you have seen,

heard, experienced and learnt

It is now time to quietly journal your experience

in whatever way is best for you

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. Anne Frank


19 thoughts on “The Rose – a meditation

    1. I keep meaning to get to it. I don’t think free WP allows me to upload recordings if I understood it right when I looked into it. I will have to do it via YouTube. Just so happens I have a YT site – I’ve been feeling a bit nervous about doing it. God knows why, I’ve got other stuff on it. TRH has even bought me a microphone. I now have a cold, so will have to wait for my voice to clear up. Promise to get to it!

  1. Yes, i was just thinking as I read this how wonderful it would be to hear you speak the meditation (as Calensariel) said as well. 😘

    1. Thanks Judy – I do guided meditations for people. It’s the technology I need to get my head around. And just now I am so wheezy it would be a terrible distraction! But I have promised to do it.

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