TTTRH (The Two Taurean Retired Husbands)

Strolling the streets of Sorrento after breakfast on Tuesday brought us to this quirky shop called Happy Days. Remember the Fonz?

Truth be told The Fonz was nowhere in sight in Sorrento. But this ramshackle old shed called Happy Days was filled with the same kind of odd mix. Not people. Curios. And right in front was a lifesize bull made from drift wood. It was stunning!  Of course he was standing pawing the ground where else but right next to the Buddha. Inside were Indian head dresses. Gorgeous.  The candle TRH (The Retired Husband) is admiring was from another shop not far away.

Sorrento Happy Days

And back to Happy Days… this fishy wall clock was amidst a scattering of all sorts of odds and sods. We were cheerfully welcomed by an ageing hippy, the owner (who would have thought!) and his trusty sidekick alarm dog, a golden labrador.  We had seen her the day before waiting for his owner at . He must have been having his breakfast there. Then we saw her again that evening on the beach outside The Baths where we had dinner. She was wading stomach deep in what must have been freezing water. And now, here she was again welcoming us like a long lost friends, tail wagging, asking for a cuddle.  Obviously she did not consider us a threat.

Sorrento Happy Days poster

The other quirky shop sported all kinds of interesting wall ornaments made from cuttle fish shells and seaweed, sea shells and corals.  TRH called them ‘junk shops!’ He has no idea of high class decor! They were unique. And uniquely priced. Colin and MarkkuHaving had our fill of upper class seaside resort hobnobbing, we crossed over to the other side. Not to the heavenly  realms. Rest assured we are still solidly grounded on terra firma. Twas a ferry crossing to Queenscliffe. From there TRH very kindy returned me to Barwon Heads to the Kiitos Shop we visited last time so I could spend some more money on *junk*. I did. I’m happy.

From there we set the navigator thingy in the car to Swan Bay. It was time to revisit history. Very good friends of ours live there in a Holiday Resort Park. We’d lost touch. Then we found touch. And visited. Our trusty and ever patient navigator led us to the middle of a dirt road in the middle of an empty paddock. You have arrived at your destination. Your guidance is now finished, she said politely before going to sleep.

I  looked around. No caravans in sight. No holiday park in sight. No holiday cabins in sight. No buildings of any kind in sight. In fact no living creatures of any kind in sight. Just a dirt road, barbed wired fencing and empty paddocks. Right! We continued down the road. Aha – there it is! Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, or as we South Aussies say, Oona-woop-woop. A veritable gated community of retired people. We were in the right place after all.

The Two Taurean Retired Husbands reminisced all night long. Ably abetted by us lady retirees. They had been business partners for many a year. The spark was still there as strong as ever. We drank. We ate. We drank some more. And somewhere in there we slept as well. Then we ate. And we left with a wave, a honk and a promise this time to keep in touch.

Lynne's artwork

Taurean Number Two’s good lady wife is somewhat of an artist. Here are some of her works. Their home is a small haven in a community of peace loving neighbours who live, love and share freely, with pleasure and a ready smile.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves — John Muir (1838-1914)


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