It’s Time for Sunday Serenity – earth healing meditation

Sundays are a good day for taking time to stop and relax, to meditate and nurture yourself. Sundays also signal the beginning of a new week. What better way to set the intent and tone for the week than to focus on peace and serenity. In this world of busy-ness, rush and turmoil, it’s important … More It’s Time for Sunday Serenity – earth healing meditation

Saturday Smiles

For the Irish in you- a happy belated St Patrick’s Day!  In case you have never met Shaun the Sheep, allow me to introduce you.  Shaun is an unusually bright and clever sheep. He lives with his flock of sheep brothers and sisters and other assorted creatures  at Mossy Bottom Farm, a traditional small northern … More Saturday Smiles

Soul stirring music

Charley’s  post  over at Crazy Life reminded just how much I love listening to the deep tones of the cello. So I hunted down a few video clips to share with you. Did you know that the cello’s four strings are tuned in perfect fifths? That’s pretty important in the world of music. Here’s why … More Soul stirring music