Personal Chakras and Beyond

7 chakras

When I was searching for a Sunday peace meditation, I found just the perfect one. Of course. It is based on the personal chakra system. This got me to thinking about chakras. You know how it is. One thing leads to another. A lot of information is readily available about the seven personal chakras. Lana, The Vegan Mystic,   in her recent post about chakra balancing. It’s an excellent article full of practical suggestions and ideas.

You may not be aware that chakras affect our wellbeing on many different levels.  They connect to organs in our physical body. If chakras are out of balance, it creates dis-ease. And eventually may lead to more serious health conditions. Below is a summary table from Carolyn Myss’ book  Anatomy of the Spirit – 

Mental, emotional issues
Physical dysfunctions
Physical body support, base of spine, legs, bones, feet, rectum, immune system Physical family & group safety & security, Ability to provide for life’s necessities,

Ability to stand up for self, Feeling at home,

Social & familial law & order

Chronic lower back pain, Sciatica, Varicose veins

Rectal tumours/cancer, Depression

Immune-related disorders

Sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, appendix, bladder, hip area Blame & guilt, Money & sex, Power & control, Creativity, Ethics & honour in relationships Chronic lower back pain, Sciatica, Ob/gynae problems, Pelvic/low back pain, Sexual potency, Urinary problems
Solar plexus
Abdomen, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gall bladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, middle spine Trust, Fear & intimidation, Self-esteem, self-confidence & self-respect, Care to oneself & others, Responsibility for making decisions, Sensitivity to criticism, Personal honour Arthritis, Gastric or duodenal ulcers, Colon/intestinal problems, Pancreatitis/diabetes, Indigestion, chronic or acute, Anorexia or bulimia, Liver dysfunction, Hepatitis, Adrenal dysfunction
Heart & circulatory system, lungs, shoulders & arms, ribs/breasts, diaphragm, thymus gland Love & hatred, Resentment & bitterness, Grief & anger, Self-centredness, Loneliness & commitment, Forgiveness & compassion, Hope & trust Congestive heart failure, Heart attack, Mitral valve prolapse, Cardiomegaly, Asthma/allergy, Lung cancer, Bronchial pneumonia, Upper back, shoulder, Breast cancer
Throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth & gums, Oesophagus, Parathyroid, Hypothalamus Choice & strength of will, personal expression, following one’s dream, using personal power to create, addiction, judgement & criticism, faith & knowledge, capacity to make decisions Raspy throat, Chronic sore throat, Mouth ulcers, Gum difficulties, Temperomandibular joint problems, Scoliosis, Laryngitis, Swollen glands, Thyroid problems
Third eye
Brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, pineal gland, pituitary gland Self-evaluation, truth, intellectual abilities, feelings of adequacy, openness to the ideas of others, ability to learn from experience. Emotional intelligence Brain tumour/haemorrhage/stroke, Neurological disturbances, Blindness/deafness, Full spinal difficulties, Learning disabilities, Seizures
Muscular system, skeletal system, skin Ability to trust life, values, ethics & courage, humanitarianism, selflessness, ability to see the larger pattern, faith and aspiration, spirituality & devotion Energetic disorders, Mystical depression, Chronic exhaustion that is not linked to a physical disorder, Extreme sensitivities to light, sound and other environmental factors
Reference: “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss, Bantam Books, 1997

However, today I want to address the chakras from a very different perspective. Over the years I have done a lot of research into them. I came across so much interesting information in lots of different places, from lots of different people. I have found the information from people such as Carolyn Myss, Edgcar Cayce, Gregg Braden and Jonathan Goldman particularly enlightening and interesting.

This next table is summarised  from the work of the reknowned medical intuitive Carolyn Myss. She did some very interesting comparative research into how the differing belief systems across cultures in actual fact have more similarities than differences.

 “The truths contained in the scriptural teachings of the different religious traditions are meant to unite us, not separate us. Literal interpretation creates separation, whereas symbolic interpretations – seeing that all of them address the identical design of our spiritual natures – brings us together. As we shift our attention away from the external world and into the internal one, we learn symbolic sight. Within, we are all the same, and the spiritual challenges we face are mere physical props. The more we seek what is the same in all of us, the more our symbolic sight gains authority to direct us.

Merging Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Jewish spiritual traditions into one system  with common sacred truths constitutes a powerful system of guidance that can enhance our minds and bodies and show us how to manage our spirits within the world.” The Anatomy of Spirit page 90-91

Energy content
Spiritual Life Lesson
Kundalini System
Christian Sacraments
7 Sacred Truths
Tribal Related to the material world Muladhara

‘root’ support’

Baptism Shekhinah

Mystical community of humanity

All is one
Partnership Related to sexuality, work, physical desire Svadisthana

‘her special abode’

Communion Yesod

Procreative force of God

Honour one another
Solar plexus
Personal power Related to ego, personality, self-esteem Manupira

‘City of the shining jewel’

Confirmation Nezah


Majesty & endurance of God

Honour oneself

(above 3 external power)

Emotional power Related to love, forgiveness, compassion Anahata

‘not struck’ – the pure sound of creation

Marriage Tif’eret

Compassion, harmony, beauty

Love is Divine Power
Will power Related to will, self-expression Vishuddha


Confession Gevurah


Power of judgement;

Love & mercy of God

Surrender personal will to Divine Will
Third eye
Mind Related to mind, intuition, insight, wisdom Ajna

‘command’ or ‘the qualified absolute’

Ordination Bihnah


Divine Mother, understanding & intelligence of God; wisdom, point between Divine mind & human thought

Seek only the truth
Spirit Related to spirituality Sahasrara

‘thousand petaled’ or  ‘the unqualified absolute’


Extreme unction Keter

Divine that flows to physical manifestation

Live in the Present Moment

(above 4 are Internal Power)

Reference: “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss, Bantam Books 1997

Edgcar Cayce, the famous  “sleeping prophet,” the “father of holistic medicine,” and the most documented psychic of the 20th century was born on a farm in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1877, and his psychic abilities began to appear as early as his childhood.”

Cayce’s work on chakras is probably not as well known as some of his other work. All of it has been meticulously documented by his secretary who recorded it whilst he was in a trance. What I found interesting about it is that he extended the concept of personal chakras way beyond the personal chakras to include musical notes, planets, elements, beasts, and even the Book of Revelations from the Bible. According to Cayce it was not about the Apocalypse at all.

He posited that it was in fact an advanced and esoteric framework or template for spiritual growth and development. Make of that what you will. However, whDivine name, God codeat his work does do is reflect the notion of connectedness. You see each chakra system energetically connects to the others, including those ‘out there’ in the Cosmos.  In other words – the Divine Matrix that connects us all to each other.

Much has been written about  this network of energetic connection in the last few years. Gregg Braden, an ex NASA scientist, wrote a whole book about it. Jonathan Goldman, a musical energy healer, collaborated with Braden to put out  a CD based on the sounds of the God Code.

Giving the same consideration to both the ancient and modern ways of describing life, the scientific values (atomic mass) representing the four elements of DNA – hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon – may be matched to their precise counterparts in the Hebrew alphabet … In doing so, the first layer of the message within our cells becomes a brief sequence of the Hebrew letters YHVG, and translates in English to the words: “God/Eternal Within the Body”….

Through this simple act of uniting modern science and ancient wisdom, we see that the chemical codes of life – the strands of elements that form our DNA – are literally made from different combinations of words that include the ancient name of God. ‘  This, Braden has called the God Code – the name of God encoded into our DNA.

The table below is a summary of the information relayed by Cayce –

  CHAKRA TABLE  (Edgar Cayce) : The Temple of the Body – A Spiritual Attunement Device

7 Chakra
7 Glands
7 Plexuses
♪ Note
7 Planets
7 Influences
7 Churches
Ovaries/Testes Pelvic (L4) Red Do Saturn Flesh and bodily needs Earth Calf Ephesus

“daily bread’ White Horse – to conquer


Left first love

Lower abdomen
Cells of Leydig Pelvic (L4) Orange Re Neptune Mysticism and Guidance Water Like a man Smyrna

‘not into temptation’

Black horse – to weigh in the balance



(Solar Plexus)
Adrenals Solar (T9) Yellow Mi Mars Madness and Forgiveness Fire Lion Pergamos

“our debts’

Red Horse – to war


Stumbling block

Thymus Cardiac (T4) Green Fa Venus Love and Righteousness Air Eagle Thyatira

‘from evil’

Pale Horse – to kill



Thyroid Cervical (C3) Blue So Uranus Will and Psychic ability     Sardis


Souls Slain

Not Defiled




Pineal Brain Indigo La Mercury Mind and Knowing     Philadelphia



Open door

No faults – remembers everything

As humanity and individuals continue to evolve and grow other higher chakras have come into being.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

I’ve decided that Sundays are a good day to post peace meditations. With this in mind I invite you to share this time with me. Today’s meditation is from Theresa Joseph’s website.  I think it is particularly beautiful and hope you do too. To get there click on the link I have embedded into her introduction –

In the early 1980’s practitioners trained in the art of meditation were placed at various trouble spots throughout the Middle East. With clockwork-like precision, each time the practitioners began their meditation which focused on the feeling of peace, crimes against humanity dropped, emergency room visits declined and traffic accidents went down. Statistics reversed each time the meditations ended. This happened with such regularity that those conducting the experiments were able to calculate the minimum number of people meditating on peace, needed to effect a change in a community, or the world. The number is surprisingly small: the square root of 1% of any population.

With this in mind I have created the Meditation for World Peace. This guided meditation allows those who have never practiced meditation, and those who are experts, to partake in this movement to promote world peace by embodying and simultaneously sending out the vibration of peace and love….

27 thoughts on “Personal Chakras and Beyond

    1. Thanks Calen 🙂 A lot of it I did quite some years ago – just pulled it together for this post. I guess the researcher in me dates back to uni days when 5,000 word assignments were the norm and had to be backed up with tons of evidence 🙂

      1. Was that the serialised quest journey you were writing? Are you going to take it up again? I could possibly help if you are stuck 🙂

      2. Yeah, that was it. Been talking to Plato about it this afternoon cause I want to do the Camp NaNoWriMo in April and I’d like to be able to finish it up. I’ll give ya a holler if I need to. Thanks so much for the offer!

  1. If the trained practitioners of meditation could go to Chicago and do the same thing as they did in the middle east and the crime rate, murders and everything else drops. Then I’ll be a big believer in that power……

    1. Aren’t they just the most interesting ! I always think of Myss’ work as ‘meaty’ as she delves so deep and it challenges values, beliefs, pushes you to look at life and everything in new and often more profound ways. And Cayce – well, what an amazing man he was!

  2. I love this post on so many levels! I learned more about chakras but what spoke to me is the idea of combining the best of the big religions – this is precisely what I aim to do with the whole idea of being spiritually independent (plus adding in Eastern philosophy and religion as well as native american ideologies). Wonderful tables you created, too.

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