Echoes of a week in February

Echoes of a week in Feb - crochet

I’ve been busy crocheting for the last couple of months. For some reason my hands can tolerate it better again. And that’s great news for me as I’ve missed it.   Another nursing home knee rug is ready for delivery – top right ↑

Top left an embroidered hanky with pre-punched holes for crocheting – I’ve had it lying around for some years. Project completed. And do you know what? I have tried to source more of these- no-one stocks them anymore ! Grrr.

A doiley three quarters completed. A very open pattern quick to make but requires care as any mistakes stick out like *you know what* !

Echoes of a week in Feb - haircutTess, our fur baby, has had a very stressful week. What with hammering, demolition and nail guns blasting off every day repairing the termite damage,  she has become very clingy. I cannot move an inch but she is right there, glued by my side.
It was time for me to have a haircut. Just my usual six weekly trim. Dara does a great job of it.

Echoes of a week in Feb - entry way and snacks TRH (The   Retired Husband) has been busy every day with pulling out damaged bits of wood, removing termite mud (so MUCH of it) and beginning the process of remaking our entry way. It’s starting to look good. You may notice some holes in the floor. That’s where Exterminator K drilled holes to pour in some stuff to kill off what may or may not be left of our uninvited guests.

When I got home from the hardresser we sat down for a brunchy lunch and a nice glass of Jacob’s Creek Pinot Gris rosé. It was a beautiful soft pink rose colour.  Earlier in the week I had bought these jackfruit dried chips out of curiosity. TRH hated them. Tess,out of desperation eventually ate one as nothing else was in the offing. I won’t be buying any more!  And so we slide into the first weekend of autumn here.  Slight breeze. Mid 30’s – a tad high for me but OK. Blue skies. Nice.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend 😮

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Peace-making is a healing process and it begins with me, but it does not end there — Gene Knudsen Hoffman

16 thoughts on “Echoes of a week in February

  1. The entryway is looking pretty darn good! Kudos to TRH! So why do you figure it’s easier for you to be crocheting all o a sudden? I dragged a cross stitch out. Haven’t done anything since I made a sampler for Bran and Mariel for their wedding in 2007. STILL can’t see the bloomin’ holes very well. Even with magnifiers on!

    1. I’m not sure why it is. The only thing I can think of is that I have been taking some supplements that contain omega oils and also turmeric. They must have made a difference over time as I can even do the very fine crochet without any hassle. Eyesight is a different matter of course!

  2. lovely crocheting work Raili. Love the way your hair looks in the photos. It is so good that TRH can do all the repair work.

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