Mask – it’s stuff on the face

mask, facial

Today I wore a mask. Not just any mask. A special one that was impregnated with all kinds of goodness for the skin on my face.  It wasn’t feeling nice. Dry cheeks. It was feeling neglected and unloved. I decided it was time to give it some special TLC so for the last week I have been giving it some intense treatment.

I pulled out my beauty case and dusted it off. Inside were all the goodies I needed to pamper my poor face. During the last week I have sat down at the dining room table three times surrounded by lotions and potions, bottles and wipes.

As I was tending to my beauty care this afternoon, TRH (The Retired Husband) was busily tending to the damage the house munchers had caused.  He’s made some good progress. And uncovered a whole lot MORE mud in the wall cavity. Anyway, the point is he was busy. Pre-occupied. Not really paying much attention to what I was doing. But I did notice that he paused to have a second look. Probably recalled some of his previous traumatic exposures to my DIY regimes. Don’t worry, I said, there’ll be no green or other weird coloured goo on my face today.  

No comment. TRH was on a one track mission. Nothing else existed in his field of vision other than The Job.  He muttered something about stopping for lunch. I offered to make him some. He said he’d make his own because I always go ‘over the top’.

So I got on with my beauty regime. TRH got on with getting himself some cheese and crackers and a cup of coffee to wash it down.  Then he sat at the table to partake of the feast he had prepared.

In the meantime I had applied the impregnated mask. It was in situ as TRH walked past me to the kitchen. It was still there as he walked past me to sit down to have lunch. He was pre-occupied.  He ate. He browsed FB on his mobile. He stared blindly out the window.

My mask had to be in place for 2o minutes to work its magic. So I popped on my glasses and continued working on one of my crochet projects.

Having finished his lunch, TRH stood up. And looked at me for the first time. He did a double take. He said  *#@*&!!! and walked off to his office.

I completed my beauty treatment. My face is singing my praises in gratitude. TRH is yet to make any further comments. I don’t expect there to be any. The white ants have got to him.

©  Raili Tanska

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15 thoughts on “Mask – it’s stuff on the face

  1. What was the main ingredient? I do not remember the last time I used a mask but I did it all the time in my 20s. I do a once a month exfoliation with castor sugar 🙂

    1. It’s from Young Living so it is infused with essential oils, the main one being Orchid extract. I use honey quite often and other kitchen cupboard ingredients… oat meal is good for a scrub

      1. Orchid sounds good. Obviously as a vegan honey is never purchased due to the unnatural act keeping of bees and the cruel procedures taken 🐝🐝🐝

  2. LOL, my daughter-in-law did a mask like that and facetimed me while she was wearing it…we were both laughing so hard. Which made her mask start slipping off….which made us laugh harder. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness Raili, this made me laugh so much. Reminding me of another story when TRH had to put something on you as well and he got a “shock” seeing you that way. I can just imagine his face. I hardly recognised you covered in all those white paper tissues hahahaha😂

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