Echoes of House Munchers – aka Termites

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready!
The Great Reveal is here!

echoes of house munchers aka termites

Here he is – TRH (The Retired Husband) beginning to remove the facade that has hidden what they – the house munchers aka termites – have done.

echoes of house munchers aka termites

The holes and the bits of rubbish are spots where Exterminator K has been digging, looking and baiting, aided and abetted by TRH.  Bottom right gives you the first glimpse of what lies beneath

echoes of house munchers aka termites

I am sure horror movie makers and others of their ilk would have to look no further than the these micro tunnels and crevices to find creepy places for aliens, vampires and the undead to lurk in. Steven Spielberg, had he let us know, could have come to film here for his next and latest bloodcurdling thriller. Or Stephen King for that matter to gaze into the abyss whilst hatching the  plot for his next horror novel.

echoes of house munchers aka termites

Top left ↑ – full length view of the entry way into our home. Impressive, huh ?! I am in awe of just how much of our front yard these little critturs have managed to carry into our house. We often wondered what kept happening to the level of the top soil in our front yard.

Oh oh!! Soldiers – we got soldiers! They’re alive and moving. Admittedly slowly. And they do look sickly. You may not be able to see them, but there are two of them in the little blue circle top right.  It was time to call Exterminator K. He rushed over. Had a look. Said they were half dead. Probably looking for their next meal which would never arrive as the workers were all dead. It’s the workers that feed the whole colony. It really is quite fascinating how the colony is structured.  Hats off to them. But they are NOT WELCOME IN MY HOUSE !

Just to make sure the colony really has been killed off, Exterminator K is coming back next week with both barrels blazing to drill holes in the front yard and lace them with deadly poison.

echoes of house munchers aka termites

And there is more – and more – and more ……..thankfully not in the roof or the external walls. Although they have munched on the bottom part of one external beam. They have been busy! echoes of house munchers aka termites

Yesterday was day 1 of The Great Reveal. Today it continued. In order to expose the damage, he had to tear down what he had himself constructed many decades ago.

*whispers quietly* I thought it prudent not to mention that at the time he proudly declared that archeologists some time in the far distant future would gaze in awe marvelling at his work which would still be standing in perfect condition.

I heard a lot of cussing and swearing. A lot. Eventually I thought it best to ask if there was a problem. Apparently there is.

Somebody has used a million nails in building this ! The only way to demolish it is to pull it off in bits and pieces… he said, VERY grumpily. I want to  buy a trike and  go away !!! 

It was time to marvel at the work. Camera in hand, I went to have a closer look.

What on earth is that you’re using? (see photo top right ↑ and bottom right ↓)

I made it to pick up the millions of nails.

Clever you !

echoes of house munchers aka termites

Christopher arrived home, took a look, and said Dad’s putting on wall panelling.

No, he can’t be doing that yet, I said.

Yes I am, he said. I have to. I need to do it to make me feel better.

And yes, he has put in two small sections – see top left ↑. It’s going to look really good when it’s done.

TRH deserves a medal. It’s messy and tedious work. Made harder because he made it to last a life time. And that termite mud –  it’s hard as concrete.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace — William Gladstone (1809-1898)



13 thoughts on “Echoes of House Munchers – aka Termites

      1. Oh my, I hope this won’t take a year to do ! It’s not a big space – but it has to be completely renewed including an external beam which the little munchers also nibbled at.

      2. Russ was working full time as a stage carpenter, so there were days when he came home too pooped to put much time on our project — and more than a few, as show openings drew near, where he barely came home to sleep!

        The following Christmas he made an adorably funny ornament to commemorate the year: a little tiny manger scene practically buried under sheets of balsa plywood and covered in sawdust – with tiny saws and hammers, etc. littering the floor. I still have it and it still makes me laugh.

        This too shall pass, and will some day be a funny story you’ll share on someone else’s blog.

  1. And here he thought he was retired!!! That is SO horrible! Lordy, Raili. I have the heebeegeebees just lookin’ at those pictures. Knowing I’d been living with them would make my skin crawl!

    1. They were ‘silent’ guests until we discovered them. ThanK God we did! It’s a small space (entryway to our home) but it’s a lot of work as virtually the whole thing has to be redone. And he discovered that an external beam has been nibbled too, so that will need replacing. He’s going to get his tradie brother to come and do that job with his workers. Much easier that way as it’s not a one man job anyway. And they can do it in a couple of hours instead of days. He’s got other things to do !!

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