He’s an Inventor

dust buster inventor 1

You may not know that I’m living with  married to an inventor. TRH (The Retired Husband) has been inventing things probably all his life. Certainly for as long as I’ve known him , which is almost a lifetime.

Those of you who have read about what he gets up to would know he’s a busy little vegemite. That’s Aussie slang for busy bee in case you were wondering.  Ever since he got his air-conditioned man-cave under cover of the main roof he has been making sawdust. Very possibly tons of it. Actually he’s been making it as long as I’ve known him.

The problem with saw dust is that it gets into things. It even finds its way in through the door. Some of it I’m sure stows away on TRH’s shoes and clothes.  The perennial problem of dust, dust, everywhere and not a speck to bin started to bother him.

You see, since retirement, he has been doing a lot of renovating and tidying up around the house. So the volume of dust has increased. And that has become a nuisance as precious time is wasted in having to clean it up.

So started a many months long project of researching and looking for a dust buster. Eventually he found an almost new commercial unit small enough to live in the man-cave. He adopted it.  That’s it in the picture above. However, there was a problem. It only sucked up some of the dust, not all of the dust.

Being the person he is, he set about problem solving. I could hear lots of tinkering and machinging noises coming from the man cave. It’s a place I do not often enter. Oestrogen is welcome only in small doses. And besides, there was nothing unusual about the sounds I heard.

Then one day he summonsed me in to the man cave! He wanted to show me something.

dust buster inventer 2

The something he wanted to show me was the machine on the right in the above photo.  TRH proudly told me it had cost him $50 in some parts. The rest of it he made from scraps carefully collected and stored in various hidey holes. Much like I do. Except my stuff is – different  and it’s inside the house. Not in the man cave or assorted sheds.  And it takes less space.

Anyway, he had invented a dust buster to suck up all that annoying stuff that was seeping into everything inside and out. I asked him what he called it. It is – wait for it – are you ready?


The Cyclonic Dust Separator.  (CDS)

That’s him using it on the top left photo. He’s sucking up the termite mud , saw dust and other detritus that the house munchers have been responsible for creating. But that’s a whole other ongoing saga. Watch this space. There is progress! The munchers have been exterminated. Finally!

dust buster inventer 3

The bucket (left)  contains  just a bit of the demolished walls and cupboard that the house munchers destroyed.  What I want to do is take you on a guided tour of the  CDS as demonstrated to me by none other than its creator, TRH. Top right is the hose connecting into the top of the Dust Containment Receptacle. When in use you can see the dust swirling around through the Perspex Viewing Window.

Bottom right is the Gauge which allows you to see how much dust has been collected into the Dust Containment Receptacle. Impressive, huh ?

dust buster inventer 4

On the left you see the inside of the vacuum cleaner . Not a speck of dust in sight. As you can see the filter is spotlessly clean. Ordinarily vacuum cleaner filters get clogged up with dust, lose suction and become inefficient until cleaned. This little sucker sucks up 100% of the dust into  the  Dust Containment Receptacle which you see in close up on the  right.

That’s impressive, I said.

Yeah, he said with a grin. I’m impressed too.  I was aiming for 90% efficiency. I got 100!

Now for the technical detail. Please bear in mind that I am not a genius inventor of machines or of any things that go vroom vroom or putt-putt.  As long as my ve-hi-cle takes me reliably from A to B without breaking down I’m  content.  I need to know nothing else.

My explanation may seem somewhat  amateurish. It also may be lacking in some technical minutiae or not be totally correct in all its detail. For this I take full responsibility. This is how the  CDS works –

It needs electricity to operate. Duh!  So it’s important that it’s electrical cord has been plugged in, the little button clicked so the red dot shows and then the red button on the vacuum cleaner pressed.

At this point you will hear a loud, constant roar, not a vroom vroom or a putt-putt

The  vacuum cleaner sucks in air

The attached hose, directed at dust patiently waiting to be sucked up, sucks it up

Meanwhile the sucked in air swirls around the vacuum chamber, creating a mini CYCLONE collecting all the sucked in dust along the way just like cyclones collect houses, cars, trees, animals, people…this cyclone is dust and household dirt specific, so no need to get worried. And to be honest, the hose thingy is not big enough to suck up things like our dog, even though she is very little

Centrifugal force keeps the sucked in air on the outside of the chamber a bit like some of those horrid show rides where you’re stuck on the wall by the force of the pressure

The sucked in dust works its way around and falls down into the Dust Containment Receptacle leaving none of its friends behind inside the vacuum cleaner receptacle. Which you saw the inside of in one of the photos. It was squeaky clean.

So, there you have it!  TRH has created a machine that sucks up dust.  And NO!  TRH is not for sale or loan – although that may be negotiable for a fee.

© Raili Tanska

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11 thoughts on “He’s an Inventor

    1. He’s a very clever little vegemite. Don’t know what he thinks about patenting his inventions – but this one certainly is worthy. It works better than the commercial one! With the right enticement he may consider being out on loan 🙂

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