To Serve – With Love

To Serve - With Love, vision, mission statement, Soul Gifts
Not the best photo, but it gives you an idea……


To Serve – With Love

is my personal and business Vision/Mission statement.  Lately all the turmoil and stuff that’s been happening on a local and global level has given me cause to pause and reflect on whether this statement is still true to the core of who I am. The answer I  come up with is always – yes. It sits right in my gut. It reflects who I am. It reflects the way I strive to live my life in all its facets.

The newsletter I posted in May 2016 was all about mandalas. The following is an excerpt –

‘For the best part of two years I worked on creating my personal Mandala. It involved a long period of deep inner work and research.  Eventually, it’s core component formed the basis of my business logo. Every element has meaning, whether it be colour, signs, the number or types of images. Once completed, I went on to create it into a wall hanging with glass beads. You will notice that the top of the Mandala consists of two universal signs – the spiral (which could also be seen as multiple circles)  and the pyramid (in the form of the Star of David).


Each of the 6 points of the Star of David are linked to core principles which underpin my Mission/Vision: To serve – with Love.  Starting clockwise at the top, they are: Connectedness, Honesty, Justice, Balance, Wisdom and Integrity. The central point is Spirituality.’

Each of the core principles, akin to the elements of the mandala, are underpinned with layers of meaning.

It is still as relevant now as it was when I first worked on it.

That makes me feel good.


Written in response to Sandbox Challenge 76 and 77

©  Raili Tanska

Step for Peace

18 thoughts on “To Serve – With Love

  1. This is a beautiful mission statement – there could be none better, and from what I see, you achieve it. You’ve created a lovely artwork, too, to remind you, should you have a forgetful moment.
    I’m reading Deepak Choprak and working on Consciousness. Today, when I went outside, I felt connected to everythong. There was a teenage boy kicking a ball, and when our eyes met, I knew we were one, along with the motorists, trees and all those things which live and die.
    The book was a gift from Laura and Joe. Joe had the wisdom to choose it for me.

    1. Such a sweet thing to say, Jane. Thnk you 🙂 I’ve always liked Deepak. Have you ever listened to any of his meditations? Just google him on YouTube – there’s lots of freebies there from lots of different people. You might find it interesting now that you’re reading his work. Sounds like Joe chose the perfect gift for you.

      1. He sounds very thoughtful and caring. A recovered from *anything* person, if they are resilient and have learnt from their past, are often the most humble, respectful and caring people. They’ve done the hard yards, and they have survived.

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