Echoes of Photography

mobile phone camera lens

TRH (The Retired Husband) being the loving, dutiful husband that he is, took up my request hint about getting me  high performance lenses for my mobile phone as a Christmas gift. I take most of my photos with my phone. The clever little device was advertised as providing professional quality photos for a fraction of the cost.

TRH told me he had ordered five lenses instead of the advertised three, because he got them for a good price. We wondered what they would be.

Alas Santa’s delivery was very delayed. The lenses arrived about a month ago. They were packaged in a sturdy  cardboard box.  It’s  dimensions are 9.5cm by 13.5 cm. In imperial measurement that’s about 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches. In other words – small.

I submit evidence –  first photo above.

As you can see from the lid, it contains 3 optic lenses: wide angle, macro and fisheye.

The intriguing thing about this delivery was that there were five IDENTICAL boxes. The instruction sheet fitted neatly inside the box as a foldout pamphlett. It was impressively sparse in detail other than the usual business blurbs and addresses.

Further submitted evidence in the next two photographs (taken with one of the lenses. I can’t exactly recall which one).

To give you  some idea of the size, I have put my very favourite pen next to the open box. Contents: black drawstring bag. A handy addition for carrying the lenses around in a hanmobile camera lensesMobile camera lensesdbag. Much more compact than shoving in that huge box.

Problem though is that if you have a handbag the size of a suitcase, daintly little black drawstring bags tend to disappear into the depths never to be found again.

It took me some time to find all three lenses. As far as I could tell there were only two lenses. We’d been sold short! But no, I should not jump to uncharitable conclusions. I would go on a hunt for the missing lens. Surely it was hidden somewhere in the depths of the box. So I decided it was a clever little ruse to test my problem solving skills. That little round black dot on the left is one lens. In the empty slot below it was the other round thing that is attached to the handle. Sorry about that. I should have put it back in its home.

On further inspection, using my stiffened arthritic fingers, I noticed that it was two tiered.  Aha! Clever. You could use the fisheye and wide angle lenses together. The trick I discovered was that holding the tiny little lenses, screwing them together and then attaching them to the clip thingy was a tad challenging. They kept slipping and sliding and falling to the floor. Always one to put a positive spin on things, I decided it was good dexterity exercise for my hands.

The black thingy with a round indentation is the clip to which the lenses are attached. Which in turn is then attached to the mobile phone covering the inbuilt camera lens. Bingo! Fiddly but doable. More dexterity exercises. Who needs hot wax when you’ve got these to play with ?! At this stage I still had no idea which lens was which. The test shots I took were blurry  – horrid actually. I was frustrated. I momentarily lost my mojo. I felt duped. I told TRH that they didn’t work. He inspected them. Snapped a shot.

What’s the problem, he said. They work fine. See?

mobile camera lens wide angle
Wide angle photo. I took this one ! But don’t take my word for it. I could have got it mixed up.
mobile camera lense fish eye
Fish eye lens photo. I took this one too!

Oh, I said. Thanks. And promptly put them all back in the box.  I left them on the dining room table in full view. Every time I walked past the five boxes glared at me. I ignored them. A few times I took them out. Fiddled and faddled with them. Came to the conclusion that there must be something I’m not doing right.

Our neighbour popped around one night. We were talking photos. Inspired, I grabbed a box and told him the story. Would you like one, I asked hopefully. As a belated birthday present ?  He was delighted. It was only when he looked at them after I complained that I didn’t know which was which that he pointed out each lens was marked with its name. What a brilliant idea! I only need to get magnifying glasses to read the tiny print.

We now have five four identical boxes left. Oops – three. One is mine. Would you like one?

I am slowly steeling myself to take them out of the box and experiment.

It really was very sweet of TRH to buy me this unique gift. I feel loved and eternally grateful.

 Thank you 😀  I will persevere and conquer.

©  Raili Tanska

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Peace is the only battle worth waging — Albert Camus (1913-1960)

10 thoughts on “Echoes of Photography

  1. Woot! Two photos doing what they should be doing! I got those for xmas 2014 from my brother in law. I remember being as equally stumped. I eventually took a couple of pics and then passed them to my daughter along with a selfie-stick. They were so fiddly!!!

    1. Though I write tongue in cheek, there is no doubt they are cheap. I find the size makes them a bit difficult to manage but that may be just a matter of getting used to handling them.

    1. Yeah – it sounded great, but the reality is very different. I’ll persist given that they were gifted to me – at my request 🙂 But I think they will only be for special shots, not the quick off the cuff opportunistic and every day ones.

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