Echoes of Moving

The big M Day arrived. Yesterday.

Christopher has left the building. Yes, our youngest has moved out.

TRH (The Retired Husband) refurbished this old table he made

from our old laundry door. Solid Tasmanian oak. Weighs a ton.
Echoes of Moving

And here he is – at two years old, having not long before arrived home from the Philippines.

There were packing boxes strategically placed around the house. TRH recalled moving to Adelaide from Queensland many long years ago with one suitcase. When we got married we had a trailer load and our car packed to the rafters.

For two days TRH helped Christopher and his friend move furniture, clothing and other assorted belongings from home to the new rental unit he is sharing with a mate.  Times have changed. There was a LOT of stuff between the two of them. The two bedroom unit is bursting at the seams.

Echoes of moving 2

And here he is at nearly 24. Tess is supervising the move. She is not at all sure what is happening. All she knows is that her home is changing yet again and the bed she shared many a night is no longer there!

So a new era has started for this family again. Beginnings and endings. Excitement and change.  We have a HUGE house to ourselves.  We’ve half done the empty nesting thing when Marc left

Now we get to finish the job. We have graduated officially to the ranks of the fully empty nested. It’s all good, just as it should be. Life will find new grooves and ways of being for all of us.

We wish Christopher well, celebrate the change with him and send him on his way to independence with all our love and blessings.

©  Raili Tanska


18 thoughts on “Echoes of Moving

      1. I don’t know how that feels – since they grew up, my children and I have moved in and out of each other’s homes a lot, but I think that’s all finished now.

      2. It feels a bit weird. At the moment, it’s peaceful and I am busy ‘reclaiming’ our home for us – ie. cleaning, re-arranging etc for a child-free zone 🙂 Christopher is only 15 minutes away by car so we will be seeing him far more often than Marc. He’s nearly 1000km away at present. When you say it’s all finished now, what’s happened? Wanna talk – emai ?

      3. I only meant that I’m living in a place where I’m not allowed house guests for more than two weeks, so none of my kids can move in with me, and I’m not thinking of moving in with them, because this place offers me advantages which I’d be unlikely to find again. It’s a shame in a way; since Claire’s stupid man left her, money’s been tight, and if I lived with her I could help financially.

  1. Oh I think it is lovely Raili that he is spreading his wings and further his independence. You can “Reclaim the space” now, as you see fit. Have a lovely weekend.😘

  2. I cried on and off for a week when my last son left the nest, wandering around like Charlie Brown with my head down all throughout the house.
    Then I snapped out of it, stored all the crap they left behind in one bedroom, closed the door and was eye-balling the rest of the house to see how I could update it now that it was all mine again!
    Oh, and the best part?
    I always have cheese in my fridge once again.
    It’s been almost 30 years since I was able to make that happen! 🙂

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