Another Bump in the Night

Paul Keen instagram earthquake
Paul Keen instragram

It was just past the witching hour – 0012 to be precise.

The world was disturbed.

In the bathroom attending to my evening toilette, I heard the sounds of what I thought was a large animal lungeing at the fence or perhaps leaping about on the roof.

Having finished my beauty routines, I headed off to the bedroom. TRH (The Retired Husband) asked if I had felt the earthquake.

Oh, is that what it was ?!

Himself said the bed jumped off the floor.

In the morning junior asked me if I had heard the earthquake. I said I had.

He said it had woken him up. It was like the whole room was being sucked up, Mum. I thought the aliens were invading!

Yes – Adelaide had a point 4 earthquake last night. Just one thump. The epicentre was located at Murray Bridge, some 75 kilometres east of us.

We do experience small tremors from time to time, maybe once a year. No damage has been reported with this one.

©  Raili Tanska


23 thoughts on “Another Bump in the Night

  1. Yes, my bed was shaking as well, gave me a little fright, fortunately the tremors did not last long. Looks like the hills were more affected. Apparently there is a fault line from Mt Barker up through the hills. Thank goodness no damage.😋

  2. I’m glad that it was just a tremor. I’ve experienced a number of tremors like that — a single shake or bump — and nothing more. They’re still quite disconcerting. I love this line, it’s quite poetic: “The world was disturbed.”

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