A Pain in the Butt

back pain, pain in the butt

TRH (The Retired Husband)  have both been hobbling around in pain recently.

Me? I seem to have one muscle in the left side of my lower back that decides to go into excruciatingly painful spasm about once a week. Cold sweat, painful grunting, shuffling at a snails pace for the chemicals cupboard and every other pain relieving device along the way. I have now learnt to manage it. Instead of being crippled for days, it has been reduced to one day. This last time just a twinge to remind me it’s still lurking.

TRH on the other hand is a whole other story. The poor old coot has been hobbling along in pain for the last week. Some days it’s better but still fragile. He has been so desperate for relief he’s even asked me to do some of that ‘witchy woo woo’ oil stuff on his back. And reluctantly admits that it does work!  I do feel sorry for the poor old buggar.  An old work injury is the cause. It rears its ugly head now and then. The shooting pain of sciatica is horrid.

But this whole pain thing has got me to thinking about pain from a whole other angle. The metaphysical nature of what pain represents and what we can learn from it. I turned to researching it for a bit of enlightenment about that.

Back pain is very common. Most of us experience it at some time or other in our lives. Many health care professionals base their whole career on dealing with back stuff.

The back is symbolic of freedom –  pain in the  lower regions symbolises fear of its loss. This list from Louis Hay breaks it down vertebrae by vertebrae-

  • L-1: Signifies a crying out for love. Needing to feel lonely. Lack of security.
  • L-2: Signifies the inability to see a way out. Remaining stuck in pain from childhood.
  • L-3: Signifies strong feelings of guilt and self-hatred. History of sexual abuse.
  • L-4: Signifies one’s rejection of her/his sexuality. Feeling financially insecure, and fearing having or changing careers. Strong feelings of powerlessness.
  • L-5: Signifies feeling insecure. Difficulties in communicating. Strong feelings of anger. Denies the right to have pleasure in her/his life.
  • Sacrum: Signifies stubbornly holding on to old anger. Feelings of powerlessness and loss of power.
  • Coccyx (tailbone): Signifies blaming oneself, holding on to that which no longer serves the self, being out of balance with oneself, “sitting on old pain.”

Then there’s the whole thing about the pain body –  it  ‘is the shadow aspect of our being, the emotional part of the ego. If we want to live in harmony with ourselves and the world, we need to dissolve it.

We create our own reality through our thinking and our emotional patterns. Until we change them, the same problems are likely to happen again and again, including our tendency to self-sabotage to keep the patterns in place. This is how we can stay stuck for a long time.’

And what about body talk ? Developed by an Australian acupuncturist and chiropractor Dr  Veltheim in the 1990’s, it is an energy medicine based on scientific principles that is now taught in over 30 countries in the world with resounding success.

What do you think about all this?

©  Raili Tanska

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18 thoughts on “A Pain in the Butt

  1. Do you have stinging nettles where you live? Urtification (smacking the pain area with stinging nettle leaves) has been trialled alongside NSAIDS and is just as effective – but not a drug! When you sting your pain with nettles, your body shunts out loads of anti allergens and anti pain hormones which (by accident) relieves your pain. We have wonderful nettles in the UK. I have used them regularly. I even have one growing in my pantry through the Winter, in case I might need a branch. (They die completely in the Winter here).

    Nettles are an ancient recipe for pain here. A “good stinger” should tingle for nearly 24 hours. The problem is not the nettles, the problem is that people say “Oh, I couldn’t. I’d rather take a pill”. In the old days, there weren’t pills. When I tore a ligament in my shoulder the pain control “pills” were so bad for my stomach-lining, I had to take ANOTHER pill first, to protect myself. That is when I first used urtification. In 24 hours, I was almost pain free and I threw my un-taken prescription down the loo!

    I can’t make up my mind about Louise Hay. Sometimes these things are a result of bad posture, accident, or birth defect (like scoliosis) – or just old age.

    I’ve told you all that – and you probably don’t HAVE stinging nettles in OZ – silly me?

    You can control pain with food. NO carbohydrates. NO commercial products.

    Best blessings for all the aches!

    1. Very interesting Elizabeth – thanks! I have no doubt there is an impact from the physical wear, tear and injury. However, having come across a lot of information and stories about the metaphysical aspects, and having tried some techniques myself, I have discovered that it definitely works. Intent, trust, faith are required of course.
      I know stinging nettles have many applications for wellbeing. I have the dried variety at home. Not sure where I could source the fresh kind. Will have to put some feelers out!

  2. As interesting as all that is, it could just be disc degeneration in the lumbar region due to aging and protruding discs. The older we get the harder it is on that part of our body. This round of PT Drollery actually bought me a TENS unit. I’ve used them for years, but always at the clinic or the PT office. But I’ve been putting it on when I get up and around to work on the house (and sometimes first thing in the morning and if I’ve been sitting too long). And I leave it on but in the off position so I don’t have to keep putting the electrodes back on all the time. I have to say it’s made a HUGE difference. When my nerve endings are being blocked, my muscles don’t experience that pain giving them a chance to relax. And the unit doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either like they used to. You can find them on Amazon anywhere from $35 to $350. The electrodes have a special glue on them that’s reusable, unlike the stuff they put on them at the doc’s office. The little one I got (made by Icy Hot) was $30 at the supermarket. Have you ever tried one of them?

    1. My father-in-law had one years ago that we tried. There are always the physical aspects to consider – but like most things it is also multi-layered and the pain can be impacted (worsened or lessened) by addressing/not the non-physical issues too.

  3. I share your pain, literally, Raili. It’s not as bad, and in a different region but is slowly getting worse. I am going to try exercise, as in plenty of walking, but first I (literally) need to get off my butt! I hope your back improves soon.

    1. Thanks Janet. Back pain is so debilitating. I’m Ok now, and TRH seems to finally be on the mend, in as much as he ever is given the original trauma. Have a look at Elizabeth Sheel’s comments to this post – interesting. Not sure where i would be able to source fresh nettle! Might have to grow it – but I think it’s an invasive ‘pest’ so would need to be potted.

  4. I have been suffering from severe lower back pain since 3 years. I had tried various methods of treatment which resulted in no changes in the occurrence of pain. Later I went to this wonderful place called Ayurveda Gram where i was treated with ayurvedic treatments like Kativasti, Kaadidhara, Local atrapotala Sweda. The treatment was very good and effective and i was completely cured in a period of time. Thanks to Ayurveda Gram and their experience doctors who helped in treating the lower back pain. I would suggest you to try the ayurveda tretaments which is more safe to the body. To know more please visit http://www.ayurvedagram.com/

    1. I’m so pleased to hear that the treatment worked so well for you. I have a great deal of respect for ayurvedic treatments. Thank you for the link – I will investigate it 🙂

  5. Hope you and TRH are on the mend Raili. Back pain is horrible, suddenly you feel like an “old” 90 year old as here are 90 year old persons who are still very sprightly! It is just amazing how tiring back pain is, it exhausts a person so I am glad to read that things are more on an even keel now. Take care 😘

  6. This is a wonderful resource, thank you! In fact, the Pain Body link is something I hope you can fix!
    Best regards!

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