House Munchers Update

house muncher map
Map supplied by CSIRO Australia.

Lucky, lucky us !  We live in a High Hazard area for termites !

It has been over two months since we discovered

that our house is being eaten.

Two months of weekly visits by the Exterminator.

Two months of watching, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Today he was happy to report he is ‘cautiously optimistic’

They have disappeared from several spots

But are still happily munching away in another.

Who knew it would take this long to kill off a crittur

that is only a few millimetres long

yet is so destructive that they collectively demolish whole houses!

Yet another inspection next week –

nearly there 🙂

©  Raili Tanska


35 thoughts on “House Munchers Update

  1. You are a kind hearted person who seems to have the attitude of live and let live but these pesky creatures have taken advantage of you when they start eating your home!

    1. LMBO! Opher! That would be my daughter trying to explain to her 18 month old Lydie that she shouldn’t pull her brother’s hair because it hurts, and she wouldn’t like to have HER hair pulled, would she?

    2. I tried that with the ants. And you know what ? It fell on deaf ears. I even left bodies of their friends along the trail and told them that’s what they had to look forward to if they didn’t stop coming in. They were on a suicide mission. Seriously – I did ! After that I figured insects have a one track mind. Once on a mission, never to be diverted from it.

  2. You poor thing. You’ve really been held hostage by those little critters, haven’t you. I don’t think we realize how invasive that feels. Fim has an on-going battle with ants!

    1. Oh, they are so nasty too when they decide to invade in hordes. We get them here too – as soon as one appears I jump on it! We once had our pantry cupboard invaded. In the evening I went to get something out. Two hours later went to put it back on the way to bed and the whole inside was teeming with ants! ANother two hours later we had it empty and sprayed. Big clean up in the morning – lesson learnt. Don’t let them get a foothold. They hate peppermint oil, interestingly. It seems to create a barrier they will not cross over.

  3. ‘it has been two months since finding out our house has been eaten’ I have to say, that alone is a novel title. I’m so sorry as we have the same here, and I know it’s no laughing matter.

      1. Well I just feel badly that you had to deal with that as I know it’s a real bother but then again I’m really relieved that you have ‘sorted it’ for the most part because that’s what matters

  4. Oh dear. The Exterminator is only “cautiously optimistic”. But I can see you’ve got the makings of a weird tale there: a constant sound of nibbling, while the house gets smaller and smaller…

  5. very invasive little demolition tanks! Hope you get rid of them Raili as it is not a nice feeling that your house might be eaten from the inside out.😘

  6. Termites are not to be joked with. They are so small by ter-mighty. I remember when we were young, they nibbled through the beam of my grandmas’ kitchen and it came falling down. Thankfully no one was hurt, but there was an extermination frenzy.

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