Echoes of Australia Day 2017

Australian flag


It’s that time of the year again – our national day, a public holiday.

My post last year has a lot of things Aussie in it –  Australia Day.


In true blue tradition, I’m gonna tell youse ’bout some comps that happen right  here in my own backyard of  South Oz.

compass cup cow race

Cow Races

The Compass Cup started in the 1970s as a fundraiser by the Mt Compass Rural Youth . Dairy cow country on the Fleurieu Peninsula, Mt Compass itself is a little country town just a hop, skip and a jump south of Adelaide. The cow racing event has become an annual thing. Contestants buy a cow for the day. The team of four PEOPLE – three urgers and one jockey – race the cow to the finishing line. The cows often have a differing opinion about what they want to do, hence the urgers.

Nude Games Dayman

Established in 1974, South Oz is famous for its first official nudist beach. Ooops – pardon me. It is a ‘clothing-optional’ or ‘clothes free’ place for ‘naturalists’.

It too is but a hop, skip and a little jump south of Adelaide. Not anywhere near cow country though. It’s a place called Maslins Beach. ‘Cos it’s a beach.  Cows like grass, not sand. 

The Pilwarren Nude Games are held there in January every year.  It is Australia’s oldest and most popular bare beach event.

Proud moment 😮

Duds are dropped, hats are not. Mind you, it’s had its fare share of shock, horror! reaction.  There have been many attempts to close it down.  However, given that there have been no doping scandals, no late night fight mobs, no failed drug tests, no rioting or perverts gate crashing, the powers that be have been left with no leg to stand on. It’s all just good clean family fun – sans clothes.


We got it down pat. They’re endear’isms.  A way of tellin’ your mate that you care for ’em.  Or – not. One of our previous Prime Ministers, Paul Keating,- well, he was the master of the lingo when it came to describing his fellow pollies. There are a number of web sites that have gone to the trouble of stashin’ ’em all together.  If you wanna immerse yourself in them some more, or lookin’ for a grouse something to call someone go to the green link stuck to his moniker.

This’ll whet the appetite –

simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up

all tip and no iceberg

stupid, foul mouthed grub

like being flogged with a warm lettuce

I am not like the Leader of the Opposition. I did not slither out of the Cabinet room like a mangy maggot.

the little desiccated coconut’s under pressure

could not raffle a duck in a pub …

Are these proud moments ? I’m not so sure about that – but they are clever and funny !

To those celebrating – Happy ‘Straya Day  😎

© Raili Tanska

Unless otherwise noted, images are from Pixabay


12 thoughts on “Echoes of Australia Day 2017

  1. Except for the dude parts (LOL — we’re too uptight for that here), I was struck from that video how these types of celebrations seem the same no matter where you are. Looked like one we’d have here. (Except for… :D)

  2. Had to smile at the naked photo. Reminds me of Fuerteventura. Franc and I had no idea the nudists set up camp on the beach right by our hotel. Took a little getting used to but as your article states, there is never any trouble or hooliganism from the crowd, just folks relaxing as God intended! Good luck to them.

      1. One family I found amusing, mother and father and two young children, a boy and a girl, all in regular beach attire with a total naked granny in attendance hehe.

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