There’s a Mouse in the House

mouse in the house

Every now and then over the years we have had mice invade the house. Now I have nothing against mice, I just prefer that they stay in their own habitat – outside.

Some years ago we had a most peculiar experience with one enterprising individual.
I kept a fruit bowl on the kitchen bench filled with bananas, apples, oranges… One morning when I walked into the kitchen, I noticed that an apple had been nibbled. And the tell tale little pellets of mouse poo told me just who was responsible.

This meant  all out mouse war. I was not going to have mice munching on our fruit. How dare they! I complained to TRH The Retired Husband). He did the hunter protector thing and set a trap. I don’t do traps. And more importantly, I definitely do not empty them of the impaled carcase. That’s a man’s job.

Sure enough the next morning we had a body. It is well known that where there is one, there will be hundreds more. So another trap was set. Over the course of a week we got one every night.

Part of my extermination plan included putting out baits. And filling entry holes with steel wool. TRH was of the opinion that I would never be able to fill all the holes as mice have an astonishing ability to morph through pin holes. Of course he was right.  Nevertheless it made me feel better to at least fill what I thought were the most obvious ones. TRH helpfully listed off the ones he thought were possible entry points – behind the stove, under the kitchen sink… All highly ‘accessible’ places for me to crawl into with steel wool in hand, puffing and panting. I was younger then of course. Job done. Mice disappeared. Or so we I thought.

Regardless of my war on mice strategies the apple muncher re-appeared. Only this time it had climbed onto the kitchen bench, into the fruit bowl (which was round with slippery sides) and rolled the apple onto the bench!  I just had to show TRH.  Look at that! How does one teeny tiny little mouse manage to move an apple the size of Uluru ? He shrugged and walked off. He really wasn’t that interested.

However, I was in battle mode. No mouse was going to get away with climbing all over our fruit. So I moved the bowl to another spot. Still in the kitchen. The next morning there was an apple, with nibbles all over it, on the floor, well on the way to a hole in the wall that I hadn’t spotted before. See that? Did it seriously think it would fit the apple through that hole ?! I asked TRH. He was mildly amused by now. I’ll teach it! I’m going to move the bowl – and plug that hole.

Over the course of the following week our fruit bowl moved –

from the kitchen to the dining room table

from the dining room table to the coffee table

from the coffee table to the cabinet shelf

from the cabinet shelf to a side table…

and each time the little bugger found it. Picked an apple. Or an orange. Even a banana. It was always on the floor as if travelling somewhere.

Oh how I wish we had a video surveillance camera to capture it on film.  I desperately wanted to see it in action. By this time I had developed a reluctant, albeit healthy respect for the enterprising little fruit munching mouse.

I did finally find a spot in our TV room that it never discovered. Perhaps it had got sick of playing find the fruit bowl and left for richer pickings elsewhere.


©  Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay

41 thoughts on “There’s a Mouse in the House

  1. That was quite the persistent mouse! Our most recent resident found a peanut tin and managed to gnaw at the plastic lid. You do just want to see how they manage their gravity defying feats! I’m using peppermint oil now, and it seems to work at keeping them in their own habitat.

      1. Came across that recently and made a note of it, as my father is constantly battling with them in south Spain, so going to bring him a bottle when I visit next time!

  2. Thank you for a delightful read to start my day. I laughed and smiled the whole time!! What an amazing survivor, you are. Lol. I love your nickname for your hubby!

  3. Well of course what you should have done is to paint all the legs and sides of the table with anti-vandal grease, put superglue on the fruit and sprayed everywhere with that fluorescent ultra-violet spray so you could see where they were coming from! That would have fixed it!

  4. Years ago, in the days when I ate chocolate, a mouse got into my bag and stole some. I threw the rest of the bar away and replaced it. In an effort to stop the mouse from getting the fresh bar, I hung my bag from a picture hook, about four foot above the nearest flat surface. The next day, my chocolate had been nibbled.
    Hickery dickery dock, the mouse ran up the clock…
    I seem to have lost the last ten days or so. I even forgot to follow the last two webinars. Not sure I can start a new blog in this state…

    1. They’re such clever little vermine 😦 On another note, I actually went looking for you on blogosphere, as I thought maybe a WP gremlin had unfollowed you on my behalf ! What’s happening, Jane? BTW the webinar has been good. You do know there is a replay option until it finishes ?

      1. I don’t know what’s happening. I keep asking myself what’s wrong with me, but every answer is different. There are so many things. One of them is that I can’t write. I’ve read through my poems. Some of them are ok, but no more, while the majority are self-obsessed trash. Amongst the hundreds, 6-10 or so are good. The anti-psychotic meds – which I was given for anxiety – have made me see this clearly. As I read through everything, I could see that my writing was the rambling of someone who was very ill. For example, I found a huge chunk of work which was all about death, and a lot of angry ones, as if there was a demon inside me. I remember how often stories which were meant to be happy-ever-after ended with bloodshed. At the time I joked about it.
        I need to write but I can’t. If I stop the meds, I’ll be crazy again, and I’ll go back to writing rubbish, but I’ll be deluded, and think it’s good. I don’t know what to do.
        I have other issues, but that’s the most serious one.

      1. I think you probably read about our mouse in the toity that I posted. Bran and I finally lined pillows up from the door out into the hallway and down the stairs to the opened front door and the little critter got out. I was so relieved. We always take them away from Twitch. Of course then there was a situation with my sister where they came home and found a raccoon in their bathtub! It had come in through the pet door. 😀

      2. No raccoons here – thank goodness. They’re cute too, but as creative at surviving as mice. We watched a doco last night on animals that have learnt to survive in human environements far away from their natural habitats. Berlin has what they call ‘wash bears’ living in the city parks – aka raccoons! And NYC has 1 million (!!!!) wolf/coyote crossbreed thingy that only comes out at night to feed on the rats which are in plague proportions.

  5. Extreme home remedy, but necessary in my NY City years because NY has rats too, and everybody lives cheek by jowl — so if anybody lets them multiply everybody has them (btw – total myth that if you have mice you won’t have rats) – TRUST me on that one!
    Crush glass (lightbulb or 2 – you want it really fine), mix with Plaster of Paris and fine steel wool you spread wide & wrap – THEN plug the hole and spread P of P to cover (so you’ll know immediately if they’re still getting thru – which usually means not enough glass, btw).

    When the vermin try to eat their way through, the glass causes bleeding from the inside. You may have to put up with several days of horrid smells as they die in the walls, so get that “one drop” deodorizer – really helps. (hardware store – small bottle, different brands – probably on Amazon too). But that’s what *finally* kept my Manhattan apt. vermin-free — after some horror stories you really do NOT want to know.

    Don’t think about their cute little faces – “feral” mice can make you and your pets sick, will nest in your drawers, go through your pantry, leave unsanitary droppings – and more. First hand experience. (btw – glass canisters – no cardboard boxes or soft plastics – if you must, put that food in the ‘fridge or microwave – NOT oven.)

    Peppermint? Hardly! I trimmed my tree with real candy canes one Christmas (still wrapped in orig. cellophane), and still have a picture of a mouse chowing down on it – near the top of the tree (never did THAT again!) Internet myth that they hate it – the NYC mice certainly didn’t in any case!

    Good luck – and don’t wait until they’ve had time to breed!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    1. Wow! That’s serious – we’ve only ever had the odd ones come in, usually when there is building works in progress and their nests get disturbed. But thanks for that info – you never know when it might come in handy! Hopefully never……

      1. May you *never* have my experiences with the vermin invasion in NYC. Nightmare fodder.

        It bothers me to have taken such drastically cruel measures, but we were in danger of becoming over-run.

        The tip came from an aging exterminator, btw — after he had done all that he could – baits, traps, etc. – and the vermin continued to eat through the walls.

  6. Very clever creatures. “My” mouse came in through the dog door and waltzed around in the family room. Dog went berserk with barking however he could not get underneath the sofa. Son got out the broom and chased the mouse outside with help from the dog. “Your” mouse seems to have had a “supernose” when finding the ever changing fruit bowl. 😋

  7. This post made me smile, Raili. We live in NYC in a very old building. Despite our best efforts, we do get mice. I never cease to be amazed by how smart and brazen they are. And, yes, they are cute, especially the babies.

    1. I’ve heard about NYC’s vermin population. My brother in law swears by hot buttered toast. He says he never fails to catch one when he sets the trap with it. But I’m sure you have tried everything…..may your home be as mouse free as possible, Judie !

  8. you aere quite a story teller- I can NOT bear mice- I am truly scared of them and I know how silly it is- but it is true- Still, what a story you have ther and it made me laugh too. Best wishes for a mouse free life!

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