Things That Go Bang in the Night

bang in the night


Huh – I wake up with a start.  What is that noise ?
I elbow himself, protector of hearth and home,  in the ribs.

Go and see what that noise is.

Huh, he says. You woke me up for that?  If you’re so keen to know what it is, go and have a look yourself, he said, as he rolled over  on his side.

Sleep having now permanently fled, I lay awake listening…. Shall I ?  Shan’t I ?  Go and look.

What if it’s a murderer on the loose?  An escaped prisoner or a rapist? Or a pervert ?

Cold sweat breaks out as I hold my breath waiting, muscles tense, heart racing, ready to fling myself out of bed with a murderous scream loud enough to wake the dead, himself included.  Damn the man. He deserves to be woken up with thumping heart. And whoever it is that is lurking will be scared to death.

Eventually I fall asleep from sheer exhaustion, having heard no more crashing, banging, or things going bump in the night.

In the cold light of day I step outside.  Have a look. The door to the garden shed is unlatched and swinging in the breeze.

©  Raili Tanska

Image – Pixabay

18 thoughts on “Things That Go Bang in the Night

  1. 😀 This so made me smile. I am exactly the same way. My advantage over you is I can NAG really well until Drollery finally gets his arse out of bed! We’ve had this happen a couple times. The first time the hanging rack of knives fell off the wall in the kitchen — that was scary as hell and part of a larger story! The second time Twitch had managed somehow to climb up on top the venting in the unfinished wash room and couldn’t get down! 😀

    1. This was my imagination running riot sitting at the laptop wondering what to write and listening to the banging outside 🙂 I used to be like that in the dim dark ages, but grew out of it ! Although Christopher has been known to leave billiard cues by the front door ready to tackle intruders. Once when TRH had to climb up on the roof in the middle of the night to fix a leak. As he came down the ladder he was confronted by Christopher wielding a broom !

  2. Human imagination works wonders. If it was a real burglar they would be so quiet and careful you’d never know they were there. They’d walk around your bed with feather touch to remove the watch from your wrist and necklace from your neck, pack their loot in a bag and be gone like a silent breeze before first light.
    If it bangs and thuds and crashes you’re quite safe. It’s an animal after food.

    1. You’re so right, Opher! We had a friend have just that happen in fact. He woke up, watched them not daring to move till they had left. I don’t get caught up in the drama of bangs in the night anymore – that was kid stuff when even coats hanging on the back of the chair or door turned into monsters 🙂

  3. There’s always a rational explanation for these things that go bump in the night, Raili. Like the time I heard a clatter coming from the Living Room and found my sewing tin in the middle of the floor. No – wait – there ISN’T always a rational explanation for these things. Glad you found out yours…! 😀

    1. I know – this was just one of those posts that came up when I was sitting wondering what to write. There was a lot of banging going on outside …. but now that you mention it, hmmm 🙂

  4. Mysterious banging during the night in our apartment usually means one of the kids tip-toeing the the bathroom. They usually manage to sound like a marching band whenever they try this

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