Echoes of Monster Storm

The weather here has been so topsy turvey lately.  41.1 C earlier this week ! The next day it plummets to high 20’s. And talk about humid! We’re supposed to be the driest state in the country, not that you’d know it. Mind you, it’s fantastic for the garden. Here’s some snapshots of yesterday.

We were hit with another monster storm early evening. The day was humid. The sky was sunny with nary a cloud to be seen. Come sunset, sheet lightning lit the sky. And then WHWAM! about 8pm massive gusts of wind and rain.

Echoes of weather Moonta Bay
Spectacular storm rolls over SA. Moonta Bay. Photo: Sarah Ashleigh Boraso.

Trees were felled. One of my friends had what she calls a ‘nice’ accident on the way home running into a fallen tree and another car. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Flash flooding again.  Buildings damaged. 58,000 without power – again. 74,000 lightning strikes between 7pm and 9pm.  300 call outs for emergency jobs.

Echoes of Weather Largs Bay
Spectacular storm rolls over Adelaide. Largs Bay. Photo Dion Clayton.

Wind gusts reached 110km/hour in the city. I can believe it. The rain was being pushed through into my office through the screen door. It never does that.

The  cold front that hit slashed the temperature from a hot 38.2C by 10 degrees.

Echoes of weather Pt Broughton
Spectacular Adelaide storm. Port Broughton. Photo Cassie/Bree Day.

All this and we are in the middle of the annual Tour Down Under. The 41+ day saw the route reduced by 25 kilometres just so the cyclists wouldn’t perish from the heat.  It’s a big event. The city and surrounds is burgeoning with professional and amateur cyclists. Not a good time to be out and about if you want to get places in a hurry. Great  for those who love the action as spectators or participants.

© Raili Tanska

Source : Adelaide now



21 thoughts on “Echoes of Monster Storm

  1. Great photos Raili. It looks amazing. As the planet warms we will expect more of this. The heat powers the storms and they’ll get bigger and bigger. Could be in for a rough ride. Stay safe. Don’t worry though. Trump has it all in hand. He is planning to dampen it down with smoke and coal dust.

    1. It was yet another monster storm with promises of more to come. Most unusual for this state. However, we are fine. Garden got a good drenching. It’s the local businesses, farmers and some home owners that are really feeling it with many suffering multiple hits. And the blackouts as our electricity supply is so dodgy at the moment. But this time we didn’t lose power.

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