I Am Awesome!

Purple Hat individuality


I have only just recently reached that conclusion, having grown up.

It’s taken a while. There’s been many bumps and lumps along the way.

Being a doormat (aka ‘nice’) suited me not at all. Having others wipe their muddy boots all over me was just too tiresome.

Life’s  busy-ness got in the way too. I mean to say, who has the time to invest energy into being

awesome when there’s shitty nappies to change, vomit to clean up, work to go to.  Not to mention

university studies fitted into the ‘spare time’ in there somewhere. Oh – and the cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping, cooking, date nights, sleep (what’s that?) …..

Oh my God! How on earth did I manage all that ?! It’s no wonder there was no time left over for being awesome.

Now that I’ve grown up, I have found out that there are such things as

Red and Purple Hatters for those of us daring enough to stand out in the crowd.

Me? I don’t need to belong to a Society.  Having grown up to be awesome all by myself

I wear my wrinkles, lumps and bumps with grace and comfort.

Alas, I have had to forego the stilettos – but no granny shoes for me!

Along the way, I have learnt  too, the importance of being kind to myself and others.

Asia from One Willow Apothecaries addressed this very issue – and she’s not even as grown up as me yet! According to the rules, she has yet to graduate to purple and red, hence the lavender and pink.

I urge you to grow up and be awesome too  – you’ll love it !

©  Raili Tanska

39 thoughts on “I Am Awesome!

  1. Love it! Have you ever read the poem “When I Am Old I Will Wear Purple?” I have my little poster propped up on a desk chair in my “library!” Reminds me of you every day! 😀

  2. Fabulous! How wonderful that you can own and celebrate your awesomeness! And you know, there’s plenty to go round so don’t hold back – because when we shine we give others permission to do the same! Brightly coloured (red and purple!) blessings, Harula xxx

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