Five by Five by Five


Have you ever had a certain number or some thing leap into your consciousness time after time ?

So often it becomes impossible to ignore ?

I have had just that lately.

Fives …..

Everywhere …..

Not just the number – things in multiples of fives …..

Flowers with five petals …..

House numbers , fingers, toes …..

Car registrations, Olympic rings …..

Phone numbers , elements …..

So what, you might ask. I’m not inclined to ignore this kind of thing when it happens so often. I figure there’s something more to it.

I wrote a little bit about numerology in my January newsletter, focusing on 2017 as the

Year of the One



What is it that the number five is drawing attention to ?

This is what I have discovered –

Number five deals with travel, adventure, motion, change.  Internal and / or external.

Repetitive sighting of the same number, like in triplicate for example, means that the message is being underlined or triply emphasised.

So a major life change or event is in the wind.

That, or a confirmation or validation of the direction  already being taken.

The logical step here seems to be to link it to The Year of the One – new beginnings,

action, change, newness.

Feels right to me.  What do you think ?


©   Raili Tanska

Images – Pixabay







23 thoughts on “Five by Five by Five

  1. My friend told me he was always noticing 11:11. I think there’s something behind that too. I remember consciously thinking, “I want to see 11’s!” And guess what?! I started to notice when it was 11:11 on the dot. I also noticed 11s everywhere. I wonder if it’s a conscious thing or not??

  2. Very cool. Going to have to watch and see if anything like that pops up for us in regards to the cruise. We have actually talked about canceling. I wish I could have some confirmation…

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