I was an asshole

I hope you enjoy this reblog from fattycupcakes

She tells some very funny stories of her antics growing up.


I was a strange, precocious child. I was the kid that makes every teacher silently mouth, “What the fuck” several times a day. I never stopped talking. I also did weird, inquisitive things, and I said, probably, thirty times a day, “Mom, watch me do this!” I was annoying with a capital unbearable. I recently shared […]

via I Was An Asshole  — fattymccupcakes


14 thoughts on “I was an asshole

      1. Interestingly when I went to reblog it I didn’t get the usual opportunity to add my comment. Don’t know if it’s WP gremlins lurking again…. anyway, I did it as an afterthought. This lady tells lots of VERY funny stories 🙂

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