As Night Descends



Tinged with pink the softly glowing sky

bids farewell to the day

as the world settles to rest.



The chirruping of birds

rustling in the leafy trees

settles their young downy feathered ones

under shelter of maternal wing.

BH 7



Darkness falls

a lone dog barks

stillness descends

as sleepy eyes fall closed.


Soft breath bubbles

twixt  rosebud lips

a smile hovers

dreams  chased with butterfly nets

capturing sunlight


©  Raili Tanska




16 thoughts on “As Night Descends

  1. I feel as if I’ve been on a long journey, and finally come home. There you are, at your laptop, warmly welcoming all visitors, as always. I thought that, if I was well, I’d be able to spend more time on the internet, but it turns out that one of the symptoms of wellness is a time-consuming tendency to spend time with people who live within a mile of my living-room window, thereby reminding them that a) they like me, and b) I have a shoulder which doesn’t rust when tears are spilt on it. Oh well…
    What a lovely, dreamy poem, reminding me of simpler times – and the images add an extra dimension xxx

    1. Thanks Jane – I was feeling a lack of inspiration at the time, so I just started writing what i saw through my window 🙂
      It’s good to have you back – you are welcomed with open arms. Reminding people of just how awesome you are is important – so time well spent xx

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