Echoes of Palms


As I sat in my office yesterday morning, I could hear the noise of trucks in our street.

And other machinery.

Glancing out of the window, this is what I saw.

It seems one of our neighbours had sold a palm tree he had growing in his backyard.

Being sick of the pigeons nesting in it and pooping all over the clothesline,

it was time for it to go.

I had heard the noise of whatever digger they were using to remove it root ball intact.


Then the sound of the Beep, beep, beep as the crane moved it out to the street.

It seems that it is quite lucrative to sell palm trees.


The removalist company does all the work, including cleaning up

whatever mess is left behind.

And they pay you for the privilege. Then they sell the tree.


This semi-trailer already had another tree in the tray.  That’s the root ball you can see wrapped up in black plastic.

The company had an order for 20 to take to Queensland.

Our neighbour’s tree filled the order for them.

Apparently our palm trees here are better quality and highly sought after.

It’s never a dull moment in what used to be our quiet little cul-de-sac.



©  Raili Tanska



6 thoughts on “Echoes of Palms

    1. They seem to. It is being transported to Qld with 19 others – the company sold it for AUD 4,000. It’s big business here. SA sells them to Qld and Qld sells them to SA. Go figure ?!!

    1. It would be – our neighbour was paid $600. They do all the work including clean up, taking down and restoring fencing etc. I don’t know what the labour and transport costs are but those trees were sold for AUD 4,000 each.

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