January 2017 Newsletter – Year of the One

New Growth

2017 is the Year of the One.
Why?  Let me tell you …

The year has stepped over the threshold into newness – from 2016 to 2017.  I sit and wonder what it has in store for me, for you, for the world.

2016 seemed to be so full of sadness and fear. It was hard to imagine that much good could possibly have happened. Yet it has!  There IS hope – good things HAVE happened.

  • The number of children receiving schooling is rising
  • There are more women in public office
  • Global life expectancy is increasing
  • And so is global prosperity
  • There are more democratic governments ruling countries
  • Global connectedness is exploding thanks to the internet
  • There are less wars even though it may not seem so
  • Global poverty is on a rapid decline
  • Deforestation is decreasing and predicted to be 0 in ten years
  • The ozone hole is diminishing and predicted to be gone by 2050
  • Use of solar power is growing
  • The humpback whale is no longer on the endangered list
  • Ocean conservation is improving


People power has made this happen. The people are protesting. The people are voicing their rage against injustice, deceit, manipulation, corruption, greed … The people are demanding change.

We can do it. We ARE doing it.

You and I.  One step at a time.

That’s why I think 2017 is The Year of The One.


And just to underline it – if you do the numerology thingy on the numbers, that is exactly what it comes to – one.

Let me show you – 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1.

In fact, when I googled 2017  I found that numerologically it is considered to be a Universal 1 Year.    I hadn’t investigated this beforehand. I literally only just found it after I’d done the above calculation. Synchronicity?

So what is a Universal 1 year ?


ONE is a number of beginning. 2017 bids us all to start something brand new, something that expresses our uniqueness, that uses our leadership abilities, that opens us to new perspectives. 2017 as a One year is a time to think and act independently. It’s also a year to put our leadership abilities and unique talents to use in the greater world, to practice cooperating without losing individuality…. Number ‘1’ is the number of creation, of God, the great omnipotent spirit of life. The Yang. The number of consciousness, light, Genesis, ego. It is the beginning, from which all the other numbers are created. One can be divided into any number leaving it unaltered and so represents the Spirit which can enter all things without changing. It is immovable because whether multiplied or divided by itself one remains the same. This does not happen with any other number. It is the number of aim, ambition and action.

Numerology is a fascinating, albeit for many, a weird and esoteric ancient pseudoscience dating way back to Pythagorean times. Whatever you think of numerology, the New Year heralds a New Beginning.  Let’s make it a good one .


Prayer for Peace

In the midst of darkness

let there be Light

May grief burdened hearts

be soothed

May those who have suffered  tragedy and loss

be protected, comforted and enfolded

in the everlasting arms of Unconditional Love

May the guiding principles for prevailing justice

be Heart-centred  and

honour, support and respect

the universal values of peace, freedom, dignity,

responsibility and co-operation

May all nations

all cultures

all races

all religions

join hands

 and transform the world

into one that is founded on




So be it.

Thank you God.


Wishing each and every one of you a year that is filled with joy, love, peace and happiness.

© Raili Tanska


48 thoughts on “January 2017 Newsletter – Year of the One

  1. I hope you’re right about 2017. I was heartened a little to read about all the good things that had happened in 2016. I’d thought of it as a bit of a disaster of a year, to be honest, so it was nice to be able to take something comforting from it.

    1. I was the same Bun. It’s good to see it from a different perspective. The media reports are always so warped. And as good as the net is, there is a lot of rubbish there too.

  2. Maybe the most inspirational post I have read-thank you for reminding us that things are changing for the better-what else can we do? this is so motivating, it makes me wonder that with great hope-I believe in numerology and so I liked that message too! have a wonderful new year-every day!

  3. Happy New Year, Raili 🙂 I’ve stepped from my ‘cave’ and am ready to engage with the world again.. looking forward to making 2017 a productive year despite some opposition. We, not Me this year 🙂

  4. Lovely post Raili. 2017 the year of new beginnings and renewed hope for peace for all mankind.
    Let’s make it so.
    Have a blessed and inspired 2017.

  5. A good encouraging list, a lovely prayer and some heartfelt sentiments – what a great way to begin the new year. All the best for 2017 – Suzanne

  6. Enjoyed this Raili. I’d come across an idea to write down the good things that happen to you this year, put them in a jar and keep them and on New Year’s eve, open the jar to reflect on all the good things that happened to you over the year. Like how you did it with world trends. Here’s hoping x

    1. What a good idea! I once did something similar, except it was about goals and intentions, then burying them in the garden over winter to germinate and grow as spring bursts.

      1. I’m can’t exactly remember, it was so long ago. But I think it’s safe to say that it does – if you release any expectations, and just leave it to germinate in its own good time 🙂

  7. I’m so glad that I checked out your blog! This is a wonderful, hopeful post — exactly what I needed to read tonight. I didn’t know this: The ozone hole is diminishing and predicted to be gone by 2050. That makes me hopeful. And the numerology info was very interesting. I know next to nothing about numerology. I look forward to reading more of your posts moving forward.

  8. Jumped over from Bernadette’s SENIOR SALON. I connected with her only recently, when she found my brain-based ADD/EFD support-focused blog (etc., neurodiversity) – and disclosed her family’s history before she invited me to share my expertise with others. I’ve been slammed all day, but finally had a bit of time to check out what she was inviting me to become a part of, and “clicked the frog.”

    I was immediately drawn to your graphic as well as “Mind, Body, Soul” (I do “Brain, Mind, Body, Spirit) – which led me to this great post. I “liked” a few comments on my way down the page that echo my sentiments, so I will add only that you have earned yourself one more follower because I loved the “come-from” of your post.

    I am not well-versed at all in numerology, but I have a bag of Runes I adore and consult for a quick flash of IN-sight, a couple of beautiful Tarot decks (even though I’m not really a reader), and I took a couple of astrology classes from a metaphysics mentor many years ago – so I’m up for learning more about numerology, and hope to.

    Since the hour is late, I will continue my Salon exploration and come back next Wed. to give adding a link a try, perhaps after writing a post especially FOR the Salon, in case that’s the only link I’m allowed, which simply repeats as part of my “history” – which seemed the case on my first reading of the documentation.

    I still haven’t read anything about exactly how things works from a Salon-guest point of view, beyond the technical logistics, but I’ll keep reading. (the InLinkz documentation is thorough, but it seems to be targeted to hosts). I’ve never done any sort of “linkie party” (as the decorating blogs call it), so I’m wandering in the wilderness here, unsure what to expect, with many questions still.

    I like the “theme,” however – and LOVED reading your post — so, onward and upward! Happy New Year.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    1. Thank you for ALL of that Madelyn 🙂 I can see you’ve been busy on my post from all the likes in my Reader!! You probably know more about the in-linky stuff than I do. I just usually add a post once a week often linked to something on my own blog.
      Look forward to seeing you around more – will come over and poke around yours. Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year. May it be all that you hope for and more 🙂

      1. Yeah – I’ve been told more than once that I can be wordy – lol. 🙂

        Since I LOVE words, I like to use them, and since I learned to touch-type almost 50 years ago, I think through my fingers quite rapidly (no phone thumbing, in other words).

        Thanks for implying an answer to one of my questions with “linked to something” btw.

        May 2017 certainly turn out to be MORE than what we fear it might be, even if it is not everything we hope it WILL be! Your post is a great reminder to keep our eyes on what’s good,

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