Echoes of Yard Reno


Some of you may remember my post from a while back about TRH (The Retired Husband) renovating our  orchard.  Being a genteel, ageing person, I requested  hinted that I needed something on which to put my laundry basket to save my aching back. This is what he came up with. He calls it a floating table. It’s brilliant!


For years the end of our driveway and garage has been a real eyesore. The view from our kitchen window was of a row of yellow and blue lidded rubbish bins. Not exactly inspiring. TRH has spent some considerable time mulling and thinking about how to tackle that problem. Action time has arrived. And this is what he has come up with. A stylish wall/fence that hides the bins.

On the left he is constructing a gate to the bin storage area.

The photo on the right is a view of the wall. It abutts the tool shed. The opening in the middle leads to the orchard and washing line.  He is yet to make the gate for it.



Below is a view of the wall and completed gate to the bin storage.

Doesn’t it look great ?!  He’s a clever little TRH. I think I might just keep him…

© Raili Tanska



19 thoughts on “Echoes of Yard Reno

  1. He seems very practical but I don’t think you should post things about his accomplishments. It will only serve to encourage others to make demands on their less competent spouses!

    1. Noooo – what makes you think that?! He loves it. Makes him feel good to be doing jobs that have been on hold for a long time. Trust me, he gets plenty of rest. Leisurely mornings, early finishes, drinks under the mulberry tree….

  2. Hi there!! I just want to tell you that your blog posts are amazing. I love reading your blogs. Simple yet fun to read. Keep up the good work!! 😀 😀

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