11 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

    1. No Barbie – prawns, smoked salmon and ham 🙂 Today is half the temperature and raining. Possible thunderstorms and warnings about thunderstorm asthma. We’re riding a roller coaster!

  1. I nearly had to go put my coat on watching those! We have a VERY white Christmas here. About 16″ of it! Going to spend the morning digging out with the snow blower. I’d gladly let you have some! LOL Merry Christmas, Raili! {{{Raili}}}

    1. I know, the extremes on either end have their own limits and challenges. Today our temperature has plummeted by half and its raining ! We have warnings of thunderstorms and thunderstorm asthma risk. Have fun blowing snow – I’ll be deadheading roses and watering parched plants 🙂

      1. It’s interesting to me that you say you’ve had a warning about thunderstorm asthma risk. I just noticed yesterday they have started posting migraine risks on the weather stuff… I was surprised!

      2. There were 8 thunderstorm deaths in Melbourne just a few months ago. 8000 ambulance call outs. Not just people with asthma – those with hayfever, some not even any respiratory problems.
        I think there is a rising awareness and acknowledgement of how weather and environment affects our health.

  2. Beautiful videos. Must be quite an experience when you lay on your bed in the igloo an see the Aurora Borealis. Experience of a lifetime in my opinion. xxxxx

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