I’m making stuff


Anyone who knows me, knows I dabble in craft work. Leading up to Christmas I had a yearning to make some new decorations.

And inspiration came just in time from a friend overseas who sent me a magazine bursting with creative options.

That’s where I got  the idea for these ‘dudes’ as my neighbour calls them.

She and I are in mass production mode, the plan being to donate them to a local Ladies Guild for fundraising.

And of course keeping a few for home as well!



This wooden heart was unadorned until it came into my house.

It now wears hand crocheted  little ornaments.  I have enough to hang on the tree when we put that up next week.




These stars ‘just happened’ when I opened a packet of wooden craft sticks.


I must confess TRH (The Retired Husband) gave me a hand. He drilled the holes for me.


And they, together with one of the hearts, adorn our lounge room curtain.

I like them.

Tomorrow is another crafting  day with my neighbour.

©  Raili Tanska

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