Echoes of Change

It’s that time of the year when Adelaide streets turn purple.

The Jacaranda are in full bloom. Streets graced with the trees are coated in petals

like the aisles of a church in readiness for the bride…


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Meanwhile in our little cul-de-sac change has marched in

far  more than we expected.

Two more houses have been demolished. That’s 30% gone.

Two just in the last week.

This one disappeared in one day.


It has left our streetscape looking decidedly bare.


I’m sure it won’t stay that way long. The one will be replaced by two.

That’s what usually happens.


Meanwhile across the road progress is being made.

The internal work has commenced.



And at Port Adelaide marina yet more change.

The cleaning of the derrière is progressing well.

Soon she will be all bright and shiny ready to hit the high seas again.


©  Raili Tanska


21 thoughts on “Echoes of Change

    1. They (he and his brother) have hired a contractor for the first time ever to speed things up, theory being less time out will reduce hire cost of slip (AUD150/day). They still go down themselves as well. There have been some issues with the quality of work with the hired help. Up till now they have always done it themselves. It’s a big job, as you can imagine. She is 52’9″ in length

    1. Yep, to both. When old houses are sold it is often developers who buy them. And because the blocks of land are much bigger than modern blocks, they squash in as many houses as they can! Leaves no room for any garden to speak of. It’s crazy, and its greedy. The house that is currently being built belongs to the owner. It’s a young family who wanted a bigger home so they subdivided their land and sold half. It is paying for the build of their new home, but there will be another house very close to them on the half they sold.

      1. That’s the kind of building that goes on here along the New Jersey shore. They tear down the quaint old cottages and build 3 story large homes. With no gardens or yards. I prefer the cottages. 🙂

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