19 thoughts on “November/December 2016 Newsletter – change

  1. “Passivity implies non-participation or non-action in the event/change.” Ok, I gotta write that down. That whole non-participation remark really struck me. Do I WANT to be a non-participant in my life?

  2. Even if the onion thing had worked, I’d rather just go grey, to be honest. Of course, for men, just having hair as we get older is the thing we worry about. The color is more like a detail. Incidentally, your new fluffy Santa is very cute. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about men and their hair. My man’s hair has decided to grow out through his chin, leaving the top bare. My new Santa is very happy perched on the table top 🙂

  3. I love him but he is not a santa! he is a smurf in yetti’s clothing. A troll in elvish terms the Finns and Irish both have similarities in their mystical beings.He is quirky and may your breath be unbated as I approve your favouritism. Merry Christmas.

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