Echoes of Nildottie

Panorama of the Murray River from Nildottie

Although TRH (The Retired Husband) is officially retired, he still has the occasional call out for warranty repairs. We had one such job yesterday. So we hit the road in Big Red for a trip to a little country town by the name of Nildottie.  The name is derived from an Aboriginal word, ‘ngurltartang’ which means smoke signal hill.  Nildottie has a teeming population of 142.  Located along the Red Cliffs of the Murray River, the scenery is stunning. So is birdlife. There is a rich indigenous history in the region as well.

About 170 odd kilometres east of Adelaide, we drove there through curling, winding, curvy roads. I nearly threw up. Not a good start. But I managed hold it in. The countryside heading inland is very dry. So different from our recent road trip through Victoria. It still has a magnificent beauty all its own.  Getting to and from Nildottie meant a ferry crossing both ways.  The big red sign on the map shows where we crossed by ferry. A mere hop, skip and a jump. It was just a few kilometres from Nildottie. The water was high and flowing fast. As is usual now when we are out and about, we stopped many times for photo opportunities. There were so many my phone nearly ran flat.


I went along as an official ‘gofer’ for TRH. So in between snapping shots of the stunning scenery, I was running in and out, and pushing buttons to operate the roller shutter motor.  Oh, and I did get one shot of TRH through the open slats of the roller shutter. If you look carefully you can see his shadow. The house is at the top of the cliffs overlooking a bend in the river.  Just gorgeous views.  And a lovely holiday rental.

We came home a different route, through the Barossa Valley. I didn’t throw up. There were less curves in the road.

Raili Tanska

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15 thoughts on “Echoes of Nildottie

  1. Nice photos. Isn’t it amazing how you can find a nicer way home when travelling on windy roads, I have had that experience many times when travelling in NZ, One time I said no way was I going back on that road, get me a helicopter to take me out, but it wasn’t needed as there was another road.

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