Ode to Me

New termite proof storage boxes
New termite proof storage boxes

I’ve been cleaning the termite infested cupboard that has housed our

thousands of slides (pre-digital era),

photo albums and a mountain of my craft gear.

I now need to find a new home for what is to be kept.

In honour of me – I wrote this ode:


Aching, tired bones and muscles

wouldn’t you know it – yet more tussles

Munching, crunching termite critters

have left me in such jitters

there is so much his – story

and yet more mystery

in the boxes, books and albums

where the mites have sucked ’em

leaving trails of mud

and other crud.

My table, sofa,  floors are covered

as I cringe decluttered

I have salvaged and donated

Like the cupboard of Mother Hubbard

the mites can have what’s left


© Raili Tanska




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