Echoes at Home



The roses this year are particularly abundant and beautiful. Even the new standards we planted just before we left for the road trip are flowering.

Consider these freshly picked roses my gift to you.  I only wish I could add the scent.

Warrigal spinach gone viral
Warrigal spinach gone viral

While we were away, our garden was being tended for us by our neighbour. Between his TLC and the weather the native warrigal spinach in the vegetable plot has thrived beyond imagining!  I have never had it grow so abundantly. Not just that either – it has seeded itself and grown a twin at the other end of the box. I have been cutting spinach and giving it away hand over fist. It doesn’t seem to have made a dent in it at all. Today I was in the middle of cutting yet another bagful when the postman arrived with a parcel that had to be signed for. He left with a bagful of spinach and a smile on his face.  I had also heard of a little cafe not far from us where the chef invites members of the local community with excess to need fruit and vegetables to take them to him. He either pays for it or you can have it in kind if you eat there.The food is cooked fresh each day and changes according to what produce he has to work with.  I hunted this place down and delivered two bulging bags of spinach and some herbs. He was delighted. I will be back there often I think. Next time I think I will sample his food.orchard-paving

TRH (The Retboxesired Husband) has been busy with more work in the orchard part of our backyard.

He has finished the paving. It looks stunning. The herringbone pattern on the path caused him

no end of headaches, but once started, he had to continue. I think it was worth the effort.

The invading termite hordes had provided the catalyst for me to start sorting through my craft cupboard.

They not only ate a great big hole into one of my storage boxes, they ate some of my crocheting instructions as well.

So today I went to Bunnings with TRH and bought some plastic boxes. Now it’s time to declutter.

© Raili Tanska



9 thoughts on “Echoes at Home

  1. We’ll have some of that spinach! Sounds great!
    I’ve suggested decluttering during this move. Of course all my stuff is absolutely essential but a lot of Liz’s could be got rid of!

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