Buttons Part 10 – Mission Accomplished

Buttons the woodland elf



(In human language this reads –  A Very Important Mission : Button Nose)

Buttons, the Woodland Elf,   has had many adventures during his Very Important Mission.

He has now arrived home to a great celebration.



Buttons had not long returned home from A Very Important Mission. He had been sent by the Elf King as The Chosen One to  collect items required to make Healing Magick for the Elf Kingdom. This Magick had the capacity to transform his world and its people, such was the power of the Magick to be made. Similar Missions had been entrusted to all Kingdoms in preparation for the Great Change.

Purple Healer

The journey had taken him on an adventure beyond his wildest imaginations. He had seen and experienced wonders he didn’t know existed. Those he had met and befriended along the way left a lasting impression on him. Above all else, the time he spent in the Sacred Valley of Healing stood out in his memory. The Pearl Princess had told him he would be back. Buttons looked forward to that.


Best of all, his Very Important Mission had been a resounding success. Buttons had been sent to collect an unusual assortment of items –  a softly glowing small round, speckled Moss-green Stone, Wild Bear Garlic, Crystal Droplets sweet and pure,  Purple Healer Mushrooms, Bee Pollen and Honey. These he had carefully stored in his rucksack. As had been promised, his return home was swift. The magnetic force of the vortex and its central portal had swept him up and deposited him on the grass next to his home. When he regained consciousness, he felt a little dazed and disoriented. However, as soon as he realised he really was back home, the excitement restored him quickly to his usual self.


There had been much excitement generated by his return. Everyone wanted to hear about his adventures and see the Magickal items he had been sent to collect. A ceremony and huge welcome home party was held in his honour. Everyone in the Woodlands Elf Kingdom attended. On top of this, there were myriads of others – faeries, gnomes, birds, insects, forest creatures to name just a few. To his delight many of the beings he had encountered on his Very Important Mission were there too!  He saw Lullula, the woodlark, the owl from the Cyprus tree, the five little porcupines and Agaricus.  Helenæ, the little hummingbird had been sent by the Pearl Princess as her personal emissary and representative. No-one wanted second hand stories of the Very Important Mission. They wanted to be there personally to see and hear it all for themselves. Once again, Buttons found himself the centre of attention. And once again, he was completely overwhelmed by it all.

As soon as everyone was gathered in the Common, the Opening Ceremony started with a soft humming led by the bees. It grew into a spine tingling crescendo as all voices joined in one by one. The vibration of the Symphony of Souls verberated throughout the woodlands causing those not physically present to pause and listen in awe and reverence.

This was followed by an official welcome from the Elf King. In his speech he talked about the Very Important Mission that Button Nose had successfully completed and thanked him on behalf of everyone. This is what he said about the Great Change that was coming –


Healing Magick is going to be made from the items brought back by our Intrepid Adventurer, Button Nose,
and others like in their respective Kingdoms.  The Wizards and Medicine Men are ready to start creating
The Potion of Great Change.
This Magick will help to transform Our World. Our Peoples.  
We will all be connected and live in unity.
We will live together in harmony, peace, love, joy and abundance!
This is a time for Celebration. Let the party begin ! 


Everyone clapped, cheered and hugged each other. Excitement was in the air! The time they had all been hearing about and preparing for over many lifetimes was finally here! Whilst listening, Buttons was struck by the synchronicities that had occurred on his Very Important Mission.  The recurring theme throughout had been one of change, new beginnings, a grounded and protected journey. Some memorable images flicked through his mind – the Magick Old Man Oak, the  Cypress and Spruce trees, the alderwood sceptre to mention just a few.


The party that followed the Elf King’s speech would forever be etched in Buttons’ memory. The Common had been transformed into a wonderland. Garlands of colourful flowers were strung from branch to branch in the trees.



In between each flower hung a tiny silver bell. Their soft tinkling could be heard as the dainty faeries to whom the bells belonged rang them. As night fell the Common was illuminated by thousands upon thousands of glow worms.

Everywhere Buttons looked, there was something different and new to look at. A strange sense faeirie-lightsof déjà vu permeated his being. It again transported him back to his Very Important Mission and the party in his honour in the Sacred Valley of Healing.


Tables were groaning under the weight of delicious foods and treats. Catering had been sourced from Forest Glen, famous for its home to the Butterfly Clan. Buttons had returned back from his Very Important Mission just in time to attend Salma Butterfly’s party  after the completion of her House Project. They had been BFF’s forever!  That’s where he had fallen in love with the party food prepared by the kitchen of the Royal Faerie Household.faeirie-lights

Princess Lilliana of the Faery Kingdom had kindly offered the services of her renowned kitchen staff and personal chefs, ђeistōn Бlϋm, Jimmy Olive and Åndri Tsoomah. They were renowned throughout all the kingdoms for their innovative and creative ways with food, its quality, as well as the many rare and delicious treats that came out of their kitchen. Assisting them were Lady Gastronomique from Tasty Treats and the Hummingbird Sipsters from Nectars Galore.

chefsJust reading the menu made his mouth water:



Buttons was content. His Very Important Mission had been a resounding success. He had had many adventures along the way and made some wonderful new friends.  It was now over to the Wizards and Medicine Men to carry on with the rest.


Buttons has completed his Very Important Mission. He wants to thank you for joining him on  his journey.

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© Raili Tanska

Images – Pixabay

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  1. It looks like a troll from Norway. Soulgifts, its been a while. Please come by and check out Miss Scarlet… The empty Voter and Blue Jasmine. They are all so incredibly written and they are anxiously awaiting your input

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