Termite Battle Stations!



Evidence of enemy infiltration was uncovered.

The Enemy Frontline was found.

I hereby submit evidence of the dastardly cunning of The Terminoidae.

Inside  cupboards  have been munched and crunched.

Hidden behind mountains of boxes seldom moved, they hid, probably for years.

Behind wall panellings the munching, crunching has continued.

Believing themselves to be invincible, they grew careless, more brazen.

Their voracious appetite increased .

Their muddy footprints became more visible as they penetrated deeper into enemy territory.

They wanted a change in diet. Perhaps the taste of wood grew wooden.

Cardboard proved to be a tasty treat. hole-in-box_liAnd the polished paper a delectable desert flavoured with some ink.



But they were unprepared for the clever tactics of The Inspector. The battle lines have been drawn. Two Boxes of Death have been deployed and baited. It is suspected that their main camp lies hidden in the Bottlebrush tree on the verge. A coded message has been delivered to Main Headquarters for the Exterminator to be sent on a Find and Destroy mission. It is but a matter of time now.


©  Raili Tanska

17 thoughts on “Termite Battle Stations!

    1. Yes, it must be a few years at least. But thank goodness it’s confined to a small localised area that is in line with that tree. Probably where the main nest is. The local council will attend to that as it is on their land.

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