Echoes of 3,691 kilometres

3,691 kilometres. Big Red did us proud.  It sounds like a long journey, but when you look at this map we only covered a tiny little corner of this vast country. Today, I’m sharing some last snippets of never before seen photos of our trip – I think. Unless I’ve inadvertently slipped in some a second time….

This is a map of where we travelled - a tiny portion of the bottom right corner of Australia
This is a map of where we travelled – a tiny portion of the bottom right corner of Australia


In no particular sequence of journeying – here goes!  Top left is a painting of a winter scene. It is one of two my parents bought before we left Finland. This one lives at my sister’s. The other, a painting of a shepherd girl, is at our place.  Top right – there were bursts of colourful flowers everywhere we went. to be expected I suppose, given it’s spring. These were outside the door of a motel we stayed at in Frankston, an outer suburb of Melbourne. Bottom left – an old Castrol service station with peeling paint. We were heading for the cafe next door at Lindenow, Lakes Entrance. I saw the door was open so I peeked in. It was an Op Shop. There was no-one around, but we ventured in and found some treasures!  Photos coming up…


Left – that is one of the treasures we found. An exquisite locally made piece of copper wall art that now has pride of place at my sister’s home. Top right – a picture of Australia’s largest mallee stump at Ouyen, the first place we stayed overnight.  Bottom right is what the landscape looks like near the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. The ocean breezes of stunt the growth. What shrubs there are lean inland  – the path of least resistance.


Top photo is the entrance to the Cerberus Naval Base just outside of Frankston where Marc is now based to complete his trades training. Bottom left is a close up of a vintage photo we saw at Portland’s Marine Discovery Museum. He reminded us of someone we know. Bottom right a row of colourful houses that caught my eye as we were poking around in a little country town by the name of Lorne.


We had half a day with Marc on our way home. He was bored and wanted to buy a book. His proper training only started this week. It seems that the Defence Forces adopt a policy of ‘hurry up and wait’ when it comes to doing things. Top right a photo of an old working switchboard at a Forestry Museum we visited in Nangwarry in the southeast of our home state.  Bottom right – that’s more snow. This was taken at Falls Creek. It’s a big deal for us to see snow. We don’t get it where we live.


Top photo – a dairy herd. We saw lots of them all through Victoria and some in SA too.  Bottom left – tractor eggs, as they are known in Norway. We saw lots of these too. I call them dinosaur eggs. The prettiest paddock we came across had pink and light blue ones. I didn’t have time to snap a photo of that.  Bottom right is the photo I tried to unsuccessfully upload earlier but couldn’t of the burnt scrub on the ocean side of the Great Ocean Road where the bushfires caused such havoc and destruction in January this year.


On the left is a photo of the treasure I found in that Op Shop.  It is an exquisite pit fired urn made by a local potter.  It now has pride of place in my office. The wooden tub on the right is one of two my grandfather made for my sister and I before we left Finland. He was the champion wooden ladle maker of the county. Mine was made for washing dolls clothes in he said.


On the left is a photo of a painting I saw in a cafe where we had lunch. I rather liked it.  The photo on the right is a ceramic biscuit barrel I made for my sister aeons ago when I was heavily into ceramics. The glaze was a pure fluke. One of those never to be repeated accidents that looked stunning. I couldn’t believe she still had it and that it was one in one piece.

foundation-1 new-hse-2

And last of all – the photo on the right was taken not long before we left on our road trip. The house is being built on our street. We came back to see this on the left.


©  Raili Tanska

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    1. It is, isn’t it ! And it only cost me $5 more than the Marimekko shop ($80) It comes to mid thigh on me when it’s on the stand. The house is steel framed which is quuick to put up. My brother-on-law, a builder, says it can be done in 1 day.

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