Buttons Part 9: Golden Nectar

Buttons the woodland elf


(In human language this reads –  A Very Important Mission : Button Nose)

Buttons, the Woodland Elf,  is on a special treasure hunt-  he has had many adventures along the way collecting the items he was sent to find. Now the final addition of  bee pollen and golden nectar completes Button’s treasure hunt. He returns home in rather a unique way.

Helenæ, Golden Nectar and A Vortex

Buttons now had only two items left on his list. The Pearl Princess had told him all remaining items could be found in the Sacred Valley of Healing. Turning his mind to the next two item, Buttons recalled the instructions –

Best is found in fields of flowers. Buzzing busyness abounds in hives and combs

The Golden Nectar and its Cousin Pollen found together.

These, the last two, complete The Mission Most Important.



Buttons was excited. Once he had these last two items he could go home. He missed his home, his family and his friends.

Agaricus led Buttons out of the cavern to the grassy knoll that housed its entrance. It was a part of the Sacred Valley of Healing Buttons had not seen yet. Softly undulating, it had a genteel feel about it. The grass was a bright summery green, gently waving in the breeze. Beyond the knoll Buttons could see fields of brightly coloured flowers. A sussuration in the air told him it was abuzz with activity. This was the very place he needed to go to next, right here by the cavern. Whilst Buttons had been busy taking in the scene around him, Agaricus had made his departure with nary a word of farewell. It seemed to be the norm for those who were sent to help him, he decided.

Button became aware of a colourful little bird hovering in front of his face. He recognised it from stories of his childhood as the legendary Hummingbird. Imagine, he was seeing one for real! It’s wings were vibrating so rapidly they were just a blur. It was hovering perfectly still. “Greetings Button,” it said. “My name is Helenæ.  I work with the bees. The Pearl Princess has asked me to assist you with the collection of nectar, specifically from the bees. That would be the honey and pollen, I would presume. Please to follow me.” That being said Helenae flew towards the field of flowers. Buttons once again had to scurry to follow without losing sight of her.


Helenæ led him to the edge of the flower field where the sussuration of bees was so loud he could not hear himself speak. There were thousands of bees flying to and fro. Those coming in had hind legs so laden with pollen they could hardly carry the weight. Worker bees collected the delivered pollen and packed it into the hive. The aroma was exquisite. Buttons’ salivary glands went into overdrive just at the thought of it’s taste. Politely he requested an audience with the Queen Bee. Explaining his Very Important Mission to her, he was granted full access to the food that is sometimes called The Ambrosia of the Gods , and the honey collection. Buttons quickly filled his container with pollen.

He was then escorted by the Helenæ to the next hive. Here, the delivery of harvested nectar was being processed into honeycombs. Sweet and juicy, Buttons selected a portion of honeycomb, wrapped it in  waxy leaves, and added it to his rucksack next to the container of pollen. Buttons had now collected all six items on his list. He could go home.

First he must make his way back to The Pearl Princess to pay his respects and thank her. No sooner had he thought this than he found himself back at the Crystal Palace. It seemed he was expected. The Pearl Princess greeted him warmly and asked if he had all he needed. Button replied that indeed he did. And thanked her kindly for all the help he had received during his stay. She inclined her head in acknowledgement. “It is time for you to return home to your own kind now. Know that you will be back many times on other missions and visits. We look forward to it. Please convey our warmest greetings to your King and kindred.” With those words, she turned and left.

Buttons walked outside. As soon as he stepped foot on the grass a mighty vortex formed in the sky. Buttons was sucked into its central portal. It seemed like he was falling, falling, falling. Giddy with the magnetic force and power of its pull, he lost consciousness. Buttons came to as he fell with a thump onto the grass beside his home. He had returned. Home at last.



You are invited to join Buttons on his Very Important Mission each Wednesday.

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© Raili Tanska

Images – Pixabay


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    1. Yes, I hadn’t made that connection myself ! He has one more chapter left coming this week to bring his mission to a close. Then will have to see where the muses lead

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