The Delivery


The car pulled into our driveway. I could hear the motor still running as the driver opened the door. “Helloooooo!!!” called a gruff, heavily accented male voice.

Pulling myself out of a deep sleep like a fly stuck in honey, I struggled to form words. They sounded garbled and sticky to my ears. “Coooming….” I called in response.

I knew it was really important. Elbowing TRH (The Retired Husband) in the ribs I told him to get up. Quickly! There was a delivery man in our driveway. Waking up from a deep sleep himself, he looked at me dumbstruck. “What ? What are you on about? “

“Hurry up! You have to go and sign for the delivery. Can’t you hear the car in the driveway and the man calling?”

Knowing that he was hard of hearing (I mean REALLY hard of hearing) he took me at my word. Throwing on his dressing gown, he turned the inside lights on along his way to the front door. The gate was shut. There was no car. There was no man. It was 2.30am.

TRH came back to bed, looking at me in utter disbelief. “Are you losing your marbles?”

“Why, what do you mean?”

Patiently, he explained to me the steps he had just been through. Then he told me to go back to sleep.

The following night as he snuggled into bed for a quick read before turning out the lights, he asked “Can you please tell me what time I can expect the delivery tonight?”

I’m still laughing. This really happened the other night. And as I think about it, I can still hear that motor running and the man calling out just as clearly as it happened originally.

What I’m not clear about is …. why, who, what ???

©  Raili Tanska



14 thoughts on “The Delivery

  1. Is there something in particular you’ve been wishing for? I have car dreams regularly. In some of them I’m not driving, some I am. Some I can barely keep my eyes open, some I can’t see a thing. I’ve come to the conclusion they’re about control issues, being autonomous. So maybe your dream stands for something specific?

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