Buttons Part 8: Agaricus

Button nose



(In human language this reads –  A Very Important Mission : Button Nose)

Buttons, the Woodland Elf,  is on a special treasure hunt- so far he has found a small round, speckled, moss green stone under the Magick Old Man Oak, Wild Bear Garlic, Crystal droplets and a new Magickal outfit. He has experienced the delight of  5 mini porcupines as guides. Buttons meets Agaricus and finds the Purple Healer.

The eye of the moon



Buttons awoke with a start! He had fallen asleep without realising it. Embarrassed, he turned to apologise to d in the middle of the indoor rockpool. In fact, he was lying down and alone. Well, he thought, at least it was in keeping with every other surprise on this Very Important Mission. Lying on his back, he glanced up to find himself peering at what looked like an enormous eye. It was in fact an eye shaped hole in the roof of the cavern in which he was lying. What had looked like a white pupil was actually a beautiful round full moon peering down through the centre of the hole. It was quite surreal. He found himself enjoying the unexpected moon bath. The last time he had had one was with his parents when they were on a family holiday. It brought back happy memories.

On this trip Buttons had learnt whatever he needed would come to him in a timely manner, often in the most unexpected and mysterious ways. He assumed that the briefing from The Pearl Princess had come to him as he lay sleeping. This place in which he found himself now, however he got here, would provide him with the next step. In the meantime he would just lie here and enjoy the moment. He must have drifted off to sleep again. The next time he woke up it was daylight. Buttons was getting used to the strange ways his body worked on this Very Important Mission. Sitting almost touching him was by far the strangest creature he had ever seen. It smelled very strongly of the earth, like the fallen leaves that lay decaying on the ground beneath the trees in the forest.


“ So, it wakens at last, this Elfen Child,” it said. “Long have I waited. I am Agaricus sent by The Pearl Princess to take you to the Purple Healer. ‘Tis their Guardian that I am. My instruct is  to help you choose the best, most powerful three to take home with you. Come!” With that Agaricus rose. He stood as tall as a tree and shuffled as he walked on feet encased in slippers made of maple leaves. How appropriate, thought Buttons. Maple, he remembered, was useful when dealing with change. Agaricus’ steps sounded like rustling leaves. Buttons had to run alongside him to keep up, for the length of his stride in comparison to that of Agaricus was very small indeed.

They walked deep into the cavern. The only light was that provided by glow worms hanging on gossamer threads from the ceiling like little lanterns. Coming to a halt, Agaricus pointed ahead. Buttons gasped. Once again the beauty of the scene in front of him took his breath away. He saw a vast expanse of iridescent Purple Healer mushrooms ranging in size from very small to large mature ones. As he looked closer three of the largest had a yellow aura surrounding them. That made his choice easy. They had already been selected for him. Carefully he removed them from their bed of compost. Agaricus handed him three soft, silken cloths in which to wrap them. These were then stored inside a box of fine alabaster and placed in his rucksack. The alabaster would absorb the healing energies of the Purple Healer. The box also would be used in the making of the Magicke Potion.

Purple Healer


You are invited to join Buttons on his Very Important Mission each Wednesday.

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© Raili Tanska

Images – Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Buttons Part 8: Agaricus

  1. I love that you chose that “eye” picture as part of the story. It’s one of my all-time favorite photos. I lost my copy when my old tablet crashed (I now use Drive for cloud storage) so now I can snag it from here.

    BTW, thanks for such a delightful story.

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