We’re on the road – Day 14 & 15 Lakes Entrance

Time and internet access constraints have conspired against me. Here’s a quick overview of the last two days.


TRH (The Retired Husband) very patiently worked with Ritva and I to hang art works and Finnish textiles on the walls of her new home on the last day before we left Paynesville.

A very Scandinavian tradition going back hundreds of years, walls are decorated with colourful textile wall rugs and tapestries. Ritva has an interesting collection. One of the oldest is the one dated 1953. It was made by my father’s youngest sister.

The hook rug with the image of 3 circles was made by Ritva, me and my brother’s wife as an anniversary gift for our parents.

The orchid paintings are some of my brother’s art work.

DAY 14 ryijy ja raanu



Ryijy and Erkkis orchids

On our last night in Paynesville we enjoyed a leisurely meal at a restaurant on the foreshore watching the ferry coming and going across to Raymond Island.

early this morning Big Red made her way towards Melbourne. We had arranged to meet up with Marc on the way home for an afternoon.

The scenery along the hills and dales of the Southern Gippslands was stunning. Dairy and cattle country, the herds of grazing ruminants dotted the landscape.


By 1.30 we had arrived at the gate of the Cerebus Naval Base where Marc is now completing the next phase of his training.

day-15-cerebus-base day-15-marc-motel





The photo on the left is the entrance to the base.

We had the delight of spending the afternoon with Marc again.

Tomorrow we  continue our way towards Adelaide.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better internet access.


©  Raili Tanska

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