We’re on the road Day 13 – Ecocruise

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Ecocruising for three hours on the Gippsland Lakes in perfect sunny, calm weather today. We saw a lot of local wild  birds –  cormorants, pelicans, an eagle’s nest, black swans with babies – and of course lots ‘n lots ‘n lots of boats of all shapes and sizes. Including a restored Western Australian pearling boat now working the lakes as a charter boat.

Coming and going we stopped for some time in the middle of the outlet leading out to the open ocean of Bass Strait. Cormorants and pelicans were in abundance sunning themselves on the rocks and sandbars. Seals were cavorting in the water. In the distance we saw teasing glimpses of a few dolphins.  The outlet itself is quite narrow. The Gippsland Lakes are  a series of shallow coastal lagoons enclosed by sandy barriers, the outer barrier forming the Ninety Mile Beach. The largest lakes are Wellington, Victoria and King. The main lakes cover 340 sq km, with a shoreline of 320 km. Several rivers feed the lakes system which has a surface area of about 360 sq km.

The smell of scones baking teased the taste buds. Highly praised as the best in the world (attested to by a pom no less) were served with freshly whipped cream and strawberries while we enjoyed the view. They were good.

The slideshow below are scenic views taken from a hilltop lookout of the area in which we cruised.  Lakes Entrance is a small tourist/fishing town. It’s located at  man-made channel that links Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea with the inland waterways of the Gippsland Lakes. There is a narrow outlet that leads into the open sea. It is possible to see the difference in the salt and sea water at junctures where they meet and merge. The area is rich in nutrients attracting seals, dolphins and wild birds  which congregate to feed at change of tides.

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© Raili Tanska


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