We’re on the road – Day 12 – Echoes of blended family

Today started with a drive to a little country town for lunch with Ritva, my sister, her husband Lasse, TRH (The retired husband) and I.

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The scenic shots are typical of the countryside we drove in today.   The area we headed to is farming land. Huge farms of assorted crops in various stages of growth covered the landscape.

The cafe where was had lunch was called Long Paddock.It is owned by an enthusiastic young couple who are both chefs. Business was humming with people enjoying delicious meals. The decor is ‘op shop’ style with a mish mash of crockery, tables and chairs. And the stash of spare toilet paper rolls were interesting.

The day ended with a family meal and games night. Ritva made a delicious fish stew, a typical Finnish recipe. For desert we had a berry whip, another Finnish recipe. Both are great favourites with her grandchildren.

It has been a busy, family oriented day today. Tomorrow we go on an ecocruise from Lakes Entrance. You can expect some stunning scenery photos tomorrow.


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